The Daddy of Our DreamsFather Time has moved on, and the New Year has arrived. While We The People celebrated Christmas and the beginning of a New Year, Congress stealthily tried to pass a bill. Why the desire for secrecy? Establishment Republicans and Democrats do not want to–refuse to–exercise any sane control over government spending.

The Senate is supposed to be the world’s most thoughtful and wise deliberative body. President Obama would have us believe he is the father of our dreams, but what did the Senate pass? What follows is an extract from Forbes.

Here’s a roundup—

  • Unemployment benefits are extended for an additional year benefiting approximately 2 million out of work Americans.
  • Tax credits for college tuition, created by the 2009 stimulus package, are extended for five year, benefiting some 25 million low income families.
  • The “doctor fix” is included meaning that Medicare providers will not face a serious cut in pay.
  • The Alternative Minimum Tax problem is permanently fixed removing a potential tax danger for middle class families.
  • A number of existing business tax benefits will remain in place for another year, including renewable energy tax credit which is extended for an additional year.
  • The $900 per year salary raise recently signed into existence by President Obama for members of Congress is revoked.

Not included in the agreement is an extension of the payroll cut meaning that payroll taxes will rise by for 2 percent for all American wage earners.

Also not included is a rise in the debt ceiling. The nation actually reached its debt ceiling yesterday and, while the Treasury Department says that it can continue to pay outstanding debt obligations and other bills for another two months, there will need to be an all new debt ceiling battle in Congress beginning in February to allow the nation to continuing making payments on its debt obligations.

Which brings us to the sequester—the harsh cuts to the federal budget scheduled to go into effect today. Per the agreement, the cuts have been delayed for two months, with the obvious intent of taking up these cuts as a part of our next fiscal fiasco —the debt ceiling debates coming in February to a Congress near you.

If you’re into picking the winners and the losers, you’ll find that your choices will be guided by those elements of the deal that strike closest to home. (from here)

Why do they keep doing this? It’s not their job. Instead of just doing what the Constitution says they are suppose to do, they spend trillions of dollars on things they have no right to buy. Why don’t they just look at the Constitution? Why don’t they support, defend, and obey it?

Look in the mirror. We put these people in charge. What is it they are doing that we want them to do? Why don’t we have the guts to replace these pretenders with honest men and women? Instead of just acting as responsible public servants, why do we insist that our leaders parent us (i.e., provide for our welfare)? Look at that last paragraph in that extract from Forbes. There is your answer.

Are we into winners and losers? Are we more concerned about the size of our pocketbooks or the welfare of our country? When greed and envy drive us, we can be easily manipulated by greedy children pretending to be men.

greedContact your member in the House of Representatives. Let him or her know that you are a mature adult. Let him or her know that you do not want a government that rips off your fellow citizens in your name; you want the constitutional republic proscribed by The United States Constitution.

The Father of our dreams is in heaven. When need peace, a peace that surpasses understanding, we pray to Him (Matthew 6:7-15).