H/T Purposeful Pruning. See What The Friday? pt3: Did You Know Ghandi Said This?.

Apparently, according to various reports (what follows is from we have a self-appointed censor on the Internet.

Not sure yet if this files in the RED ALERT category, but it’s already awfully close.

It seems as though prominent Facebook users are having their accounts suspended or deactivated, for posting “pro-gun” or “anti-gun control” content. has assembled a list of just a few that have confirmed their accounts have been deactivated, including director Michael Murphy Tmp and writer Kurt Nimmo. Talk show host Adam Kokesh has confirmed that he is locked out via his Twitter feed. (continued here)

Here is an example of censored content.Gandhi-Quote-Banned-By-Facebook-600

Here is what has to say about the matter.

I have a Facebook account, but I do not like Facebook, and I have not used my account in months. However, I understand there are hundreds of millions of users. I am curious. Are you a user of Facebook? What do you think of this story?