My congressman is Rob Wittman. Here is a note that I sent him.

Dear Congressman Rob Wittman

What did I find when I visited your website? You have a video demanding that Congress stay in session and finish up its work. If the President and the Senate will not cut spending, what do you think keeping Congress in session will accomplish? Instead of staying in Washington D.C., perhaps you all need to do what President Obama is doing. Campaign! Take the time to tell the people in your district why our nation is going broke!

I noted the following in the Dec. 13th edition of the Daily Press.

Wittman has never signed the no-tax pledge. He reiterated his position on signing political pledges Tuesday.

“My duty in Congress is to represent the people of Virginia’s 1st District, and the only oaths I’ve taken are to my wife of 32 years and to uphold the Constitution,” Wittman said.

Wittman said in any discussions of the nation’s fiscal problems, “it’s critical that fundamental tax reform be a part of the equation.”

“At the same time, my commitment remains to address the unsustainable spending of the federal government, which is driving our deficit,” Wittman said. “I believe that in order to get our fiscal house in order, we must cut duplicative and unnecessary government spending, as well as ensure that the spending in our autopilot programs is efficient and sustainable in order to preserve and protect these programs for future beneficiaries.” (from here)

That sounds good, but leaders in Congress have been saying the same for decades. Talk, Talk. Talk. Yet the spending continues to grow. What we have in Washington D.C. is leaders with a spending problem. Since We the People voted for this childish leadership — people unwilling to exercise any self-discipline over their desire to spend other people’s money, we have no one but ourselves to blame. Nonetheless, you still have a personal choice. For the sake of your own conscience — your own soul — you do not have to contribute to the problem.

You know we do not have a problem caused by low taxes. Your own words say you know our problem is a spending problem. Therefore, I request that you do your part to insist that Congress use its considerable power to put the brakes on spending. Stop letting Speaker Boehner pretend the House does not have the power! That’s nonsense! Unless the House authorizes him to spend our money, the President cannot spend it.

You have power to refuse to raise the debt ceiling. Tell the people in your district what that power means. Then ask our Lord for some strength and fight. Our national survival is at stake. If our nation cannot control government spending, it is only a matter of time before such degeneracy leads to our downfall.



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