Some people call it pack journalism. Others call it media bias.  If you google boehner fiscal cliff republicans “coming around”, this is what media bias looks like online.
republicans coming around

That little phrase “coming around” is most certainly going around.

Take a good look at how our tax system works. The rich don’t pay taxes on the “rich.” When the “rich” get taxed, moderately successful professionals and business people pay, not the gloriously rich.


  1. Tom;

    Are you serious?” When I read your question, I actually chuckled. I am quite serious. Paying the government for its services is no worse than paying a business for its services. History has shown that government does not inevitably impoverish the people.

    Governments have always existed for many purposes, dealing with “civil disputes, criminals, and rogue nations” are but a few of those reasons. I know the Founders of our nation did not intend to limit government in the way that you (and Rand) suggest.

    Shooting thugs or throwing them in jail is not all the government is supposed to do. You may think it is, but that is where our disagreement lies: what is it the government is supposed to do?

    Look at our current situation. …” Be that as it may, that does not answer the question of what the proper role of government is. I don’t think it proper or wise to limit government as drastically as you and Rand suggest. That would be a bad solution to real problem; like burning your house down because you don’t like the living room carpets. If the problem is the conduct of our government, the solution is to fix its conduct.


  2. Tom,

    Your logic is faulty: if you sell something, you are taking what others have earned; that’s how they pay for your product or service. Does that mean you make others poor? No. So your logic is faulty. If you can take from others what they earn without making them poor, so can government; and history is clear on government’s ability to avoid impoverishing people.

    Government exercises the collective will of the people. It protects them from foreign and domestic threats, gives order and stability to commerce and society. Its goal is not to create wealth, its goal is to enable the people to create wealth. Government is not a business. It protects your rights and the rights of others. Government is not free, so taxes are a necessity.

    If there’s a government, the gloriously rich buy politicians. If there’s little government, they hire thugs. Either way, they do what they can.

    Only a strong government can level the field, a government where its servants can take no payment except what the people designate. The threat to our liberty is not big government, it’s corrupt government.


    1. Sean –

      If you can take from others what they earn without making them poor, so can government; and history is clear on government’s ability to avoid impoverishing people.

      Are you serious?

      Because we have civil disputes, criminals, and rogue nations, we have to have a government. Unfortunately, history has repeatedly shown that the people who run the government usually oppress the rest of the population. That observation is why Karl Marx’s theories made sense to so many people. Marx’s “solution,” however, was just another oppressor. The founders of this nation had a better idea. In order to protect the rest of the population from the government, our nation’s founders limited the power of the government.

      When government does nothing more than what it is suppose to do, the government helps the people shoot thugs or throw them in jail. When government does more than it is suppose to do, government becomes an army run by an unaccountable dictator. Government becomes the oppressor.

      Look at our current situation. Look at our leaders. Do you really think we have them under control? All the talk of a fiscal cliff is nonsense. We do stand at the edge of a precipice, but we risk more than money. We risk our rights to LIfe, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. We risk being unable to give our children the freedom we inherited.


  3. Tom, what you say is more than counter-intuitive; I think it’s just plain wrong. The size of government has almost nothing to do with advantages the “gloriously rich” have; they can buy anything, and anybody who’s willing to be bought; they don’t need government to protect them; they can hire all the thugs they need. Having wealth, they are well positioned to gain more. They don’t need government to give them monopolies; they are more than able to create them on their own. Having created monopolies on their own, they are quite able to “force people to buy the goods and services they sell ”. They certainly do use the power of government to destroy competition, but only because they use whatever is available to get their way. Without government, they have plenty of thugs and private armies to do their bidding. If anything, the “gloriously rich” dislike government because it’s the only force that can block their aggrandizement.

    If average citizens create democratic governments (like our democratic republic) then as long as average citizens work for the “general welfare” they have the power to control the government and corral the power of the gloriously rich. This is why the gloriously rich support libertarian movements (Rand, et al.) and engage in other divide-and-conquer strategies. To control a democratic government, they must convince the average person that the average person is alone and threatened by “others”. As long as average people buy into the story that “we are splintered into little, covetous, I want special interest groups” then the gloriously rich will get their way, government or no.

    Their story is just not true. Certainly bigger government is not necessarily better, but neither is smaller government necessarily better. Like a car or a home, the question is not whether it should be bigger or smaller, but what is the right kind to have. Size is not what matters, it’s the character of the government that matters. Take care of that and size will be manageable.

    Let’s be clear, governments are never perfect; no group of mere humans ever is. But governments serve a vital role. If ours is misbehaving, the solution is not to throw it out; it’s to fix it. Please don’t buy into this divide-and-conquer strategy.


    1. Sean — Actually, the size of the government matters a great deal. If I increase my wealth with hard work, I don’t make anyone else poor. If, on the other hand, I increase my wealth by taking what others have earned, I make others poor. Government does not produce wealth. It survives on taxes.

      As far as I know, the gloriously rich in the United States do not hire thugs. What they do is buy what they want from politicians. The larger and more complex our government our government grows, the easier it is for the gloriously rich to buy influence. However, there is a point where the mere possession of money is not enough. Whoever makes the laws and controls the military has the real power. If the people can be convinced to ignore whatever wrongs the government does, then the power of those who control the government is complete. That, unfortunately, happens to be the direction where we are headed.

      Anyway, I suppose I will expand further on this in a post.


  4. The rich don’t pay taxes on the ‘rich.’ When the ‘rich’ get taxed, moderately successful professionals and business people pay, not the gloriously rich.

    This may be true, but of course it should not and need not be true.


    1. Sean — It may seem counterintuitive, but the less government we have the fewer are the advantages of the gloriously rich. Big government gives the gloriously rich the opportunity to monopolize the markets where they make their money. Then, instead of earning their wealth by providing quality goods and services, the gloriously rich can force people to buy the goods and services they sell. Using the power of government, they contrive devious little schemes to destroy their competition.

      Why does big government give the gloriously rich such an opportunity? The bigger the government, the less control the average citizen can exercise over it. When government grows huge, it has done so because we are all raiding the treasury. We are all trying to get something from our neighbors. We are splintered into little, covetous, I want special interest groups. Then we have become the easily manipulated, ignorant masses the Socialist Democrats so detest.


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