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bluebird of bitterness

Now that 2012 is nearly over, it’s time to empty out the bulging files of cartoons and make room for even more comic absurdity in 2013.

It seems the U.S. has a bit of a debt problem…

… and as a result, we are headed for catastrophe…

… a catastrophe Democrats say is caused by the failure of rich people to pay their fair share…

… while Republicans argue that raising taxes will only further weaken an already-shaky economy…

… and that cutting government spending is a more productive way to address the problem, since overspending is what got us into our current predicament…

… but Democrats are allergic to spending cuts, unless they involve decimating the military… so when an impasse results, Democrats accuse Republicans of being stubborn and intransigent, while they claim to be the reasonable ones…

… but of course, “compromise” is just Democrat-speak for “shut up…

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PJTV: DO NOT Let Liberals Elect the First Female President!

Here, PJTV: DO NOT Let Liberals Elect the First Female President!, is a thoughtful post. Do I agree with its conclusions? No, but there are some good thoughts here. So I suggest you listen carefully.

Someone had better be listening or history will definitely repeat itself in 2016.

When asked in 2008 why I was not voting for Barack Obama, I responded that “Democrats only want a Black man in the White House so that they can accuse a nation of racism while pushing an agenda that is unfavorable to most Americans.  It has nothing to do with making history or the fact that the time might be right.”  In addition,  I predicted that if Obama was elected, Democrats would accelerate an agenda that did not sit well with most Americans and anyone who spoke out against their actions would be accused of racism.

Eyes wide open NOW

In all honesty and possibly due to my own ignorance or faith in people (not sure which), what I did not foresee was the overwhelming silence and ignorance of Black America. (continued here)

So how do I disagree? The year 2013 will be here in a couple of days. We have no idea who will be running as our presidential candidate in 2016. What we Conservatives need to be worried about are the elections in 2013 and 2014. What we need to be doing is fighting tooth and nail as advocates for Conservative Christian values. What we need to do is make certain both old and young take the time to read and understand the Bible.

Should we nominate a women as our presidential candidate in 2016? If she is the best Conservative, yes! We are raising too many weak men. To our shame here of late the women in the Republican Party have most often demonstrated courage and gumption. So I have no problem nominating a woman. I just regret the possibly that nominating a woman may become a necessity instead of just an alternative.

Fortunately, many qualified candidates will seek the Republican Party’s nomination. So the best qualified candidate may still be a man. Consider. When she was running as our vice presidential candidate, many of us liked Sarah Palin more than we did John McCain. Nonetheless, we did not support Palin because she was a woman. We supported her because she is a Conservative. What we cared about is the content of her character.

If Democrats want to play the sex card in 2016, then so be it. What we need to do is nominate candidates who can show how much the Socialist Democrats hate all of us: men, women, black, red, yellow, white, straight, homosexual, Christian, Muslim, and so forth. Tyrants love no one but themselves.

“The tyrant is a child of Pride
Who drinks from his sickening cup
Recklessness and vanity,
Until from his high crest headlong
He plummets to the dust of hope.”
― SophoclesOedipus Rex (from here)


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Apparently, according to various reports (what follows is from we have a self-appointed censor on the Internet.

Not sure yet if this files in the RED ALERT category, but it’s already awfully close.

It seems as though prominent Facebook users are having their accounts suspended or deactivated, for posting “pro-gun” or “anti-gun control” content. has assembled a list of just a few that have confirmed their accounts have been deactivated, including director Michael Murphy Tmp and writer Kurt Nimmo. Talk show host Adam Kokesh has confirmed that he is locked out via his Twitter feed. (continued here)

Here is an example of censored content.Gandhi-Quote-Banned-By-Facebook-600

Here is what has to say about the matter.

I have a Facebook account, but I do not like Facebook, and I have not used my account in months. However, I understand there are hundreds of millions of users. I am curious. Are you a user of Facebook? What do you think of this story?



We Have The Data

We live during the information age with surprising amounts of data right at our fingertips. Nevertheless, because we process that data through our own biases and desires, we often reach foolish conclusions. Here are some examples, and as the list goes on it gets worse.

What Does It Mean To Be A Fool?

What makes a people behave foolishly? The Bible has a simple answer. The Book of Proverbs, in particular, is devoted to wisdom, the opposite of foolishness.

What does it mean to be a fool?

Proverbs 28:26 Amplified Bible (AMP)

He who leans on, trusts in, and is confident of his own mind and heart is a [self-confident] fool, but he who walks in skillful and godly Wisdom shall be delivered.

Ultimately, the fool denies the sovereignty of God.

Psalm 14:1 Good News Translation (GNT)

Fools say to themselves,
“There is no God!”
They are all corrupt,
and they have done terrible things;
there is no one who does what is right.

Can you imagine the Lord’s chosen people becoming so indifferent to God, their Creator, that they would forget all about His Word? It happened. 2 Kings 22 and 2 Chronicles 34 record that it happened. The Jewish people became so evil they turned away from God. And so they lost the Book of the Law in the temple.

And us? Most Americans have in their homes Bibles they have never read, much less studied.

What did those foolish Jews do? How did they rediscover the Book of the Law. After they had begun to repent, God allowed them find the Book of the Law. When the Jews turned back to God, God restored his Word. Proverbs explains:

Proverbs 1:23 Young’s Literal Translation (YLT)

23 Turn back at my reproof, lo, I pour forth to you my spirit, I make known my words with you.

When we behave as a fool means we must repent and turn back to God.

What Does Repentance Involve?

What does repentance involve?


v 1: turn away from sin or do penitence [syn: atone]
2: feel remorse for; feel sorry for; be contrite about [syn: regret, rue]

Repentance requires us to honestly regret the evil we have done. Repentance allows us to turn back to God and beg for his forgiveness.

What evil have we done? We have ignored God’s command to love Him and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves (Matthew 22:34-40). Are we under the Law as the Jews were before Christ Jesus died on the cross? No. Nonetheless, we must practice the faith that works through love (Galatians 5:6).

Galatians 5:14-15 King James Version (KJV)

14 For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

15 But if ye bite and devour one another, take heed that ye be not consumed one of another.

We have not loved our children. We have put politicians devoted to secularism (ignoring God) in charge of their education. So when we look at our children–and ourselves–we should not be surprised that we vote the way our government-appointed teachers have taught us to vote.

The quality of our education system also explains why journalists can write the most pathetic nonsense, and we still take them seriously. What is sad how difficult it will be to undo the damage — if we can.

We need to turn back to God; we need to let God pour His spirit into our hearts. We need a revival. Because revival begins with repentance, we must repent. We must admit we have failed to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

We have failed to love our own children! Instead, when politicians promised to love our neighbors for us (even to educate our children), we took the easy way out. We foolishly believed those politicians. Even though we say we do not trust politicians, to our shame we trusted politicians with trillions of dollars of what they said would be our neighbor’s money.

It is time to stop being fools–to stop believing the lies of self-serving politicians.

Proverbs 14:15 Young’s Literal Translation (YLT)

15 The simple giveth credence to everything, And the prudent attendeth to his step.

Who Should You Trust?

Do you really want to trust these people with the education of your children? What makes you think you can trust these people not to abuse all the power they want? Have they kept their oath to support and defend the The United States Constitution? Have you read the Constitution?



If we want children to grow up to be decent people in a decent nation, we must insist parents take charge of their own children’s education. If we love someone, we will not leave them to the mercies and caprices of conniving politicians.