Deo Vindice

10 reasons to Vote for Romney-Ryan

Mitt Romney is my last choice for a Republican to be President. Ryan is among my first choices for a Republican to be Vice-President. Voting for the team of Romney-Ryan, RR, is vital to save America. Vote for RR in the most important election since 1860. Hold RR accountable from day one in office. Here are ten top reasons to vote for RR:

1. The Rule of Law. Repealing Obamacare is the first vital step to preserve the Rule of Law – and our Republic. The individual mandate – and personal tax for doing nothing – are a direct assault on the Constitution. Giving the Federal government such power means there is nothing the U.S. Government can NOT tax. Likewise, forcing Christian organizations to violate their pro-life conscience attacks our Freedom of Religion. RR will restore the Rule of Law – it’s essential to…

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