Teresa Rice has provided an interesting post on ghosts. Since I have never experienced a ghost, I don’t have a strong opinion as to whether ghosts exists. The Bilble makes it clear, however, that there are demons, but I hope I have avoided those too. If so, I have done so without complaint. If not, well only the Lord truly knows what He is doing.

I must admit I find the references to purgatory curious. When I was raised as a Catholic, I was taught that purgatory is real place, but this is the first time I heard of connection with ghosts.

Live and learn.



Every Sunday Z has a Sunday Faith Post on her blog GeeeeeZ!. This Sunday she asked the question, do you believe in ghosts? Or Spirits?

There is at least one reason that I do believe in ghosts.  The first is because I grew up near a haunted forest, the Pocomoke Forest in Md, and some eerily creepy experiences when visiting there.  After thinking a bit I wondered what the Church has to say on ghosts.  Secondly, after reading on what the Church teaches on ghosts or Spirits it totally makes sense that spirits exist.

Jimmy Akin says the following on ghosts:

  • “Ghost” is simply the German-derived equivalent of the Latin-derived word “Spirit.” That’s why the Holy Spirit is sometimes referred to as the Holy Ghost. Originally in English “ghost” and “spirit” referred to the same thing. Indeed, in German the word for “spirit” is still “geist.” Rather than get hung…

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  1. Lyn Leahz – The part of the Bible you are referencing is 1 Samuel 28 (http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1 Samuel+28&version=GNT). I don’t oppose your interpretation of it.

    Dr. J. Vernon McGee provided his commentary on the Bible in a Five-Year Bible study (http://www.ttb.org/). Here is the segment that discusses 1 Samuel 28 (http://www.oneplace.com/ministries/thru-the-bible-with-j-vernon-mcgee/listen/1-samuel-27-28-298587.html). McGee explains why he does not believe we have any way to communicate with the dead. I suspect his opinion is as valid as any.

    What the Bible says is that we should not attempt to communicate with the dead. What I think 1 Samuel 28 illustrates is the futility of any such attempt. At best the dead will tell us nothing we do not already know. Even if it exists Purgatory is not heaven. Moreover, if it is wrong for us to talk to the dead, then it would be wrong for the souls in Purgatory to talk to us. All Saul accomplished was to add to his transgressions against the Lord.

    Nonetheless, whether ghosts exist or I do not claim to know. The Bible just tells what we need to know, not all that we want to know.


    1. There are lots of things the Bible does not tell us; God, as you said in a way, only shared with us what we ‘needed’ to know. The passage about Samuel, my impression was that we aren’t supposed to do that because we are speaking to demonic spirits. That’s been my understanding, but you’re allowed to have yours too! 🙂 Not trying to challenge yours; just stating my case. God bless you!


    1. Hello John

      Thanks for your comment. Since I do not see how whether I believe or disbelieve affects my salvation, I don’t see the point in getting upset when someone claims the existence of purgatory. In fact, I tend to think most complaints about Catholics do not much matter. https://citizentom.com/2011/11/25/to-bash-or-not-bash-catholicism/

      Whether purgatory exists is a matter of theological conjecture, and Catholic theologians do reference the Bible. Those who are interested in how Catholics justify their belief in purgatory may find this reference interesting. http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/12575a.htm

      Are Catholics right about purgatory? Someday I expect to know, but I doubt the wisdom of claiming to know too much. Unfortunately, some used the belief in purgatory to justify the practice of collecting monetary indulgences on behalf of both the dead and the living.


  2. I’ve always learned that many of us have spiritual oppressions…or strongholds. A true believer in Christ cannot be possessed because to possess means to own. However, a believer can be oppressed, which means the same thing as possessed, except they do not own you. For instance, if all of your life you’ve struggled with addiction, you are ‘oppressed’ with a demonic stronghold of addiction. When you die, that demonic spirit loses it’s home. I believe because it was with that person for years, it could very well take on their image and deceive people into believing in ghosts. Ghosts are contradictory to God’s Word, as it says when we die we either go to Paradise or hell. So it would have to be demonic spirits who were with that person staying there to deceive people. That’s at least, my opinion, for what it’s worth. I guess we’ll all know for sure some day how all of that works.


    1. I have heard people use the Bible argue against the existence of ghosts. Could be right. I don’t know. What is clear is that the Bible says we should not conjure up the dead.

      Frankly, I thought this quote ironic.

      First, the Church forbids us to conjure up the dead (Catechism 2116-2117). Peter Kreeft in his book Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Heaven (pgs 34-35) says the reason for “this stricture is probably protection against the danger of deception by evil spirits. We are out of our depth, our knowledge, and our control once we open the doors to the supernatural. The only openings that are safe for us are the ones God has approved: revelation, prayer, His own miracles, sacraments, and primarily Christ Himself…The danger is not physical but spiritual, and spiritual danger always centers on deception.”

      While we are in this life, I don’t think we are ever going to know much about the next one.


      1. Actually, in the Old Testament, there is a passage about a seer who conjured up Samuel..but it wasn’t actually Samuel, it was a demonic spirit pretending to be Samuel. I am not sure, but I think this is the only place where the Bible references such a thing. It’s always interesting…I love to wonder about things we do not really know about for sure.


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