Here is what Chairman At-Large Corey A. Stewart has to say about Ballot Question 1.

Vote Yes on Protecting Private Property:
This past Tuesday, the Prince William County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution, which I introduced, in support of Ballot Question 1 on this year’s November Ballot. Ballot Question 1 is the eminent domain amendment that will strengthen private property rights across Virginia.

As a local official, I am deeply aware of the danger eminent domain presents if not used in its proper role. By voting in favor of this constitutional amendment, you will be doing your part in restoring the role of government to its proper scope.

Absentee Ballot Voting:

Over 116,000 people in the Commonwealth have already voted or applied to vote absentee for this year’s general election. We are 31 days away from this election, and 3% of the total vote is already accounted for. In 2008, Republicans across the country, and especially in the Commonwealth, were at a severe disadvantage because of our lack of organization in encouraging people to vote absentee.

Barack Obama and his machine spent millions to make sure that his supporters voted, and voted early. We lost Absentee voting 61%-39% in 2008. We must close this gap.

For us to deliver Virginia’s 13 electoral votes to Mitt Romney and elect George Allen, we must vote early. Here is a website that lists the locations for early voting in every locality in the Commonwealth. Please, if you think there is a chance you will not be able to get to the polls in November, please consider voting early.

This election is going to be incredibly close. It will likely come down to a few thousand votes out of the millions that will be cast in Virginia on Election Day. If you have not had the chance, please go here to apply for your absentee ballot today.

In Victory,

Corey Stewart
Chairman-At-Large, Prince William County Board of Supervisor

Note that at its last meeting on September 24th the Prince William Republican Committee passed a resolution supporting the passage of Ballot Question 1.



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