Democrats never seem to have enough money. They constantly tax us, come begging to us for more, and spend every cent the get plus some more (That “plus some more” causes inflation.). Then they excuse their greed with lies and start all over again.

Thus, when I got this email below on top of all their other requests, I thought it warranted a question.

Should we laugh at their silliness or fear the brazen audacity of their hope?

For decades the Democratic Party has taxed more, begged for more, spent more, and lied more and more brazenly. When their lies have become so obvious, how is it they are still believed?



  1. I get such a laugh out of the way they ask for money, too. Let’s see, there was the “in lieu of a wedding registry” idea. Then I got an email telling me I could sacrifice our pizza dinner and send that money to OFA instead. (whee!) Then there was the “Yard Sale for Obama,” held 22nd and 23rd Sept, I wonder how that went.

    I mean, the idea of sacrificing when you have so little to give, or denying yourself the perk of wedding gifts, etc, is so far beyond tacky. I would label it immoral. It’s wrong to ask people to deny themselves for the furtherance of a political campaign. It’s false charity. Also don’t they recognize how close they are to the widow’s 2 mites? Does it ever occur to them that they are asking for the same kind of loyalty normally reserved for God?

    cheers my friend


    1. Loyalty reserved for God? The average politician? Obama?!!!!!!!! Oh! You’re telling a joke. 😉

      When somebody can repeatedly tell huge lies, lies that any halfway intelligent and halfway informed person can see through, they have allowed something very important to atrophy, their conscience. That happens when we lose track of what is important. That happens when we begin to think only me, myself, and I are important. Everyone else? God? Those are just props for the greatest star in the universe.


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