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If you like Lyn’s post, you may also enjoy WHAT THEY SAID ABOUT THE BIBLE. That post references something Dr. J. Vernon McGee put together for his Daily 5-Year Bible Study many years ago.

Lyn Leahz

As you read some of these profound statements, please consider the many tragedies going on around the world, and here in America.  The only difference now is that America has greatly changed just in the last 20+ years, and more than ever before since 9-11.  Could it indeed be as these great leaders warned? 

Also, please take note of the importance of the family; both father and mother.  Today, with the working family and daycare overflowing with so many children, they cannot fulfill many requests, and increased stress, have we as parents forgotten our first calling assigned to us by God Himself—to instill the Word of God and its values within our children?  And not just in word alone, but in our daily lives?  Many of these great men give credit to their parents for their peace of mind, greatness, and success.

My friend, what has happened…

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      1. Because I have learned in my short blogging experience (I am fairly new) that many “christians” get very angry when I have done that. In fact, one Christian publicly cursed me for it…so I am very careful 🙂 God bless you Citizen Tom!


    1. I enjoyed the videos. Thank you for the encouragement.

      When we open our blogs to comments, we should expect people to offer up comments. ❓

      When someone comments, it usually shows that they have taken the time to read what I wrote (or borrowed from someone else because they wrote something I wanted to share). Therefore, I think a comment, even in disagreement, demonstrates someone believes my post is worth taking seriously. Since I consider it an honor to be taken seriously, I generally don’t get upset by comments. I worry more about the lack of them.

      There are, unfortunately, some commenters who deliberately seek to antagonize bloggers, but I doubt anyone would classify you as a troll. Perhaps you just ran into someone having a bad day. Even on a good day, we all have thin skins. Some people do not know how to politely express a difference of opinion. Others may be afraid you are lecturing them (In my case I fear they might be right. Sorry about that. 😀 ) All we can do is pray for each other, try not respond in kind, and try to listen (or read) more than we talk (or write).

      As Christian bloggers, we also need to review Romans 2:1-16, Matthew 7:1-5, and Romans 14:1-23 from time-to-time. And no, I am not a good enough Bible scholar that I can easily spout just the right Bible passages off the top of my head. As it happens, we just covered those passages in the Bible study I attend.

      I suppose that most Christians blog in the hope they will convert non-Christians. Yet, it seems to me that for the most part Christians read Christian blogs. That being the case I want my posts to encourage other Christians in the faith, and I hope the Christians who comment here will encourage me. Thank you for doing so.


      1. Thank you Tom..I am happy that you feel this way. I look at it like this; it’s God’s blog and I am working for Him. It is not mine to be so anal as to tell people they can’t tell me something ‘off the subject of the article’ or post something that might bless someone else. I also look at it like this; when I do that, I restrict the flow of the Holy Spirit. Someone might stumble across my page and that thing that didn’t necessarily go with my post might have been meant for that one, single person to see… now if someone posts something with cursing, I will go in and edit the cursing out of the comment.

        I didn’t know if you saw this, but the Lord spoke to me yesterday…and told me to share, so I did.

        God bless you brother Tom!


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