Up until now I have not been much inspired to comment on what is going on in the Middle East. The stories coming out of there have been too confused. Without knowing what going on, what is the point of saying anything? Nonetheless, some have chosen to comment on the pure ineptitude of the Obama Administration. Here is an example, Now Airing In Pakistan: The Obama/Hillary Apology Ad. The subject is, of course, this video.

What made Freedom, by the way‘s post especially interesting was one of the comments. That commenter linked to this article.

Did Hillary Clinton send a gay ambassador to Libya as intentional provocation?

Serbian diplomat, and friend of Christopher Stevens, says State Department knowingly sent gay ambassador to Libya.

Arab media says ambassador Stevens was gang raped and then his body was put on display.

Hillary Clinton has been spending US taxpayer dollars to fund homosexual pride events in foreign countries. Her actions have prompted backlashes against the US in Italy, Russia, Pakistan, and other nations. Last year, Barack Obama made it official US policy to fund homosexual rights groups overseas with US tax-dollars. (continued here)

The Examiner is generally Liberal. So it Is interesting that they went with the gang rape story, but most of the media did not. Since the reports from Libya are so confused, I have not decided whether gang rape story is true or not.

What seems safe to say is that the Obama Administration is unwilling to deal with the fact Muslim terrorists killed our ambassador, particularly a gay ambassador. So the Obama Administration’s version of events cannot be trusted.

Why is the Obama Administration’s Middle East policy floundering? Consider that the Liberal Democrat Party is a strange concoction of fringe groups. Here are some of the most outstanding.

  • Lazy poor people and just plain lazy people who want Robin Hood government to give them other people’s goodies.
  • Various racial minorities, disabled groups, fat people coalitions, old people lobbies, and so forth who want special rights to good jobs, government benefits, and whatnot.
  • Corporate execs who want special tax benefits, government contracts and the right to exploit immigrants.
  • Despicable people who want the government to fund the abortion of inconvenient babies and the euthanization of inconvenient old people.
  • Homosexuals activists who demand that the government make everyone share their delusion.

Liberal Democrats would like to add Muslims to their mix of constituencies, but there is a problem. The Democratic Party is a political party of made up of degenerates. What holds the Liberal Democrat Party together is the desire of sinners to force others to share in or submit to their sins. These sins include murder, stealing and fornication. Whatever their faults what Muslims believe is not compatible with what Liberal Democrats believe. The Muslims in the Middle East don’t much approve of murder (except perhaps the killing of non-Muslims), stealing (except perhaps from non-Muslims), and fornication (making the gang rape/sodomy story a little difficult to believe). So Liberal Democrats are having a hard time corrupting Muslims using their usual techniques.



  1. Freedom, by the way

    You bring up some very perplexing situations. Americans and muslims have disparate views on many things, liberals and muslims hold disparate views on just about everything. I would love to see a breakdown on how muslim-Americans really vote in this country.
    I also keep wondering why the Democratic Party hasn’t self-destructed. The strong, loud voices of the fringe groups you write about are at tug-of-war with the the traditional, moderate faction. While the Republican Party also has its fringes I believe the different fractions have a lot more common ground than differences.


    1. When a politician calls himself a “moderate,” that just means he thinks he will murder, steal, and promote fewer sins than his opponent. The “moderate” faction in the Democratic Party is almost nonexistent. Almost no elected Democrats are “moderates.” Even Establishment Republicans (the closest thing to moderates) cannot be trusted further than you could throw a bus.

      So why do people who should know better vote for Democrats? When we don’t want to deal with a problem, we fit ourselves with blinders. Consider, for example, why we procrastinate. Even though we know we are just putting off the inevitable, we don’t want to mow the lawn, study for class, scrub the floor, clean out the attic, do our taxes,……

      Over the years most people voted for Democrats, but now that party is far more corrupt than anything our parents or grandparents voted for. Yet the main stream news media, the talking heads and the newspaper networks we all grew up with, keeps telling us to vote Democrat; it is those hateful Republicans and Tea Party racists they condemn. Therefore, we look at what the Democrats offer. Democrats will give us Social Security, Medicare, give us money if we lose our job, make sure government workers are well paid, protect the environment from evil corporations, and so forth. We blind ourselves to the fact that the beautiful halos of too many politicians cover up the sharp, pointy horns of a stinking, conniving, greedy, pride-filled demon.


      1. Freedom, by the way

        Let’s look at the Senate race in VA. Kaine is considered a monderate by many (even though his voting record–aside from opening up VA waters for drilling–has been D all the way). But because of this perception–and the Republican Party forcing Allen on us again–this race is not going to be an easy win. And frankly, if so much were not at stake in our country right now and it wasn’t so darned important to get control of the Senate I would love to abstain from voting for Senator at all. But I won’t. I will hold my nose and vote for Allen.


  2. The word “bigot” gets thrown around too much these days, and perhaps I cheapen it further when I expunge it on myself, but… These people are clueless!!! Now, go ahead, call me a bigot. Like I said, the word has lost its force — because of mindless antics that lead to situations like these, for which the only appropriate thing I can think to say is “Idiot!”…

    The word has lost its force so much that I’ll take that label. It really does not mean anything any more.

    Hillary Clinton. Please! I honestly do not think that you are stupid. I want to think that — despite our different world views — that… But… (Sorry Citizen Tom, I’m just aggravated). You are so stupid.


    1. Biltrix — Why are Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Obama Administration behaving like such fools? I think you know the answer. Nonetheless, I share and empathize with your frustration. Albeit, perhaps I share it from a differing point of view.

      There was time I had renounced Christianity and thought of the Bible as an old folk tale. I thought of myself as an agnostic. Thus, I reached the point where I did whatever seemed right in my own eyes .

      Judges 21:25 King James Version (KJV)

      In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes.

      When I forgot God — when I set my own standard for behavior — then only one point of view mattered, my own.

      When only one point-of-view matters, we forget how little we know of God’s Creation, and we can become supremely selfish and arrogant. Then we can behave like the worst of fools.

      Until we admit God is God, we cannot begin to see ourselves as we are. That is why we associate humility with wisdom. Once we admit we are sinners and need God, then, for own sakes, we can begin trying to obey God.

      So it is I thank God for my mother’s prayers.


      1. Thanks for the reminder: “and we can become supremely selfish and arrogant.” From this, none of us are exempt. And for that reason, we (better said, I) always need to be more understanding of others.

        But I’m not letting anyone off the hook! These people are supposed to be overseeing our national security and foreign policy. It does not matter that I did not vote for them or the ones who appointed them. The responsibility is grave. Enough said. We really do need to pray.


  3. Freedom, by the way – We get what vote for. Unfortunately, not enough people researched the candidates and participated in the Republican Primary. The turnout was only 5 percent. Since Allen has name recognition and the most money, he won. So we are stuck with George Allen. On the positive side, we could do far worse, Tim Kaine.

    Biltrix — Whatever the reason they are incompetent and dangerous both to our nation’s security and moral fiber.

    Given your calling, you may enjoy the story at this link. It explains the origin of these words, “praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.”


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