Today I got an email.

Check out this article in the Navy Times….Democratic party gets major “fail”!


I went to the article, read it, laughed, and then I sighed. That was a silly mistake. Obviously, whoever had chosen the image did not care. You want pictures of U.S. Navy ships? Then google navy ships formation site:navy.mil (The link shows images saved over the last couple of years.).  You can get all the images you want with captions. Will some of the images include foreign ships? Well, yes. We do have alliances, and with Democrats in charge, we certainly don’t want to seem too chauvinistic. Nonetheless, you don’t have to use Russian warships instead of American warships — unless, of course, you are a Democrat.

What is just as silly is how the Democratic National Committee (DNC) compounded its mistake.


You still don’t believe it? Then check out. http://www.snopes.com/politics/military/dncships.asp

Why did this happen? Our national conventions have become phony pep rallies designed to get us all teary-eyed over how much our leaders care. When Democrats really do not care about the U.S. military, the DNC wants us to believe they do care. So they put on a big feel-good show where form matters more than substance, but they did not care enough to choose pictures they cared about.

And so we continue to unravel. In societies where form matters more than substance, won’t a hollow military be good enough? So long as things look right, and everyone is too apathetic to check closely, then appearances are all that seem to matter. And Russian warships and Turkish fighter jets can defend us.