Once upon a time our nation’s political parties held national conventions, and those conventions did something significant. The people attending those conventions nominated their party’s candidates for president and vice president, and they debated their choices with a healthy ferocity. Now the attendees function as rubber stamps, and they serve as backdrops and play bit parts in choreographed pep rallies. Therefore, we pay these affairs less and less attention.

Still, we pay attention. In fact, here is an example of how we waste time arguing over the conventions.  Consider this little snippet of video.

Google “The Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To.” Although the Liberal Democrat press has almost nothing to say about it, you will get plenty of Republican hits.

What do Liberal Democrats have to say about the video? Obama campaign distances itself from video provides one relatively rare example.

What is my reaction? I wonder why anyone is surprised. Didn’t we already know that Liberal Democrats think we belong to the government?

Perhaps some people have not gotten the message. Given the general apathy, I suppose that’s possible. Given the repeated lies, I suppose most people must not understand what they are doing when they vote. We did elect Barack Obama.

Nonetheless, the corrupt pep rallies we call conventions exemplify the worst aspects of our political process. We will not learn how to govern ourselves by watching those things. Instead, we must study our history. We must learn from our forbears. From them we must learn why we should have no desire to belong to the government. If we carefully study the example of our forbears, we can learn how to make our government protect the God-given rights of our family, friends, and neighbors.

From our forbears, we can learn the importance of fundamental principles. If we want our nation’s political parties to function properly, we must do what the 1st Amendment requires. When We The People assemble to petition OUR GOVERNMENT, we must insist that OUR GOVERNMENT not interfere. Otherwise, incumbent politicians will continue to use the power we have given them — the government power — to their own advantage. When given the opportunity, incumbents will almost always use government power to prevent us from replacing them.

What if you must learn about that video? What if you decide the news media’s constant babbling about it means that video must be important? If you must read about it, read Dem Convention Video: Do You Belong to the Government? That article probably provides the most objective analysis. Just remember that the Republican convention was equally meaningless and equally anti-democratic (see Lessons From The Outrage In Tampa).

Among men we have none we may rightfully boast about save Jesus, and He was also God.



  1. Very good points all. Even though I should know better, I still found myself surprised at how cavalierly they wrongly phrase our relationship to gov’t. But I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, Obama’s poll numbers aren’t even that bad, considering the sad state of our economy. And if anyone else out there needs further confirmation, check out the vids at Lonely Conservative.

    This cultural crisis of ignorance is what scares me the most, straight up.

    Cheers anyhow, and have a great weekend!


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