Delegate Scott Lingamfelter attended the Republican Convention in Tampa, Florida. Here are three numbers from the convention that he wants to share.

Three Numbers

When I was in Tampa as a part of the Virginia delegation to the GOP Convention, pollster Frank Luntz came by for breakfast and told us to remember three numbers; 23 million, 716 billion, and 16 trillion.

In today’s media driven environment, things are often reduced to fractions and percentages. And while it might be accurate to say unemployment is at 8.3% (and not getting better), percentages have a way of glossing over the reality. First, tons of people have quit looking for jobs because they have become so frustrated. Second, those folks are NOT represented in the 8.3% of people on the hunt for a job. In reality, 23 million people in America, our first number, are flat unemployed or are under-employed, people who have advanced skills but no job in that field. 23 million is a huge number. It’s a disaster and needs to be pinned on Obama as a failed President without a clue on how to fix it.

The second number is 716 billion. That figure represents the amount of money Obama took OUT of Medicare to pay for his Obama-Care that, by the way, a majority of Americans didn’t want.

The third number is 16 trillion. That is the deficit we face in this country. And it has grown more under Obama, by 5 trillion, than ANY President in history, bar none. More specifically, we have more debt than we make in gross national product. And when you add in Social Security and Medicare debt, that percentage (sorry for the slip) is 500% above what we earn in GDP!

Folks it’s time for no more tricks, no more gimmicks, no more distortion, just the truth. Obama won’t give that to you. Obama has spent more time trying to save his own job than advancing policies that help businesses grow jobs.   It is time to retire President Jobless.

This week, the Democrats at their national convention will try the only trick they have: blame President Bush, demonize Mitt Romney, and go on and on about social issues. One thing they WON’T do is answer this simple question:

“Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?”

You know the answer and they do too. Which is why when they are asked this question this week they will talk about something else, anything else, to avoid the truth.

There are 63 days until the General Election. If there was ever a time to elect a new President, one who understands the economy, it is now. We must remove the Obama wrecking crew from Washington before it’s too late. Three numbers tell the story: 23 million, 716 billion, and 16 trillion.   I hope you will share this with others.

On to Victory!