When she was posting Horowitz’s Freedom Center wants Your Fears for Finance, Reneegede linked to Do We Know Enough About Islam? As is my wont, I checked out who had linked to my blog.  Then I decided to leave a comment and a discussion ensued.

 describes her blog this way.

“Black Write and Read” is my combination news and information blog, written from my peeking perch, about the way life is, with the understanding that everything has a history. I am African, Scots-Irish, and Muskogee/Creek — black write and read. (from here)

From my perspective, our discussion was a bit odd.  is a good writer, but she has some ideas about the Bible that fall outside my experience, and I found myself at a loss make much sense of them. Frankly, I don’t think she expected some of her explanations to make sense. Nonetheless,  behaved pleasantly. So out of curiosity, I investigated.

Note that BLACK WRITE & READ features scornful assaults on the Romney/Ryan ticket. If such easily irritate you, there is no point in visiting. On the other hand, if you enjoy reading a peculiar dialog, you may enjoy reading what   and I had to say to each other.