Lessons From The Outrage In Tampa

What follows is a reblog from The Mason Conservative. I think it is a good follow-on to my last post, ARE YOU A REPUBLICAN? ARE YOU A TEA PARTY REPUBLICAN? SHOULD BE HOPPING MAD? MAYBE. There are lots of good thoughts here.

I was trying to figure out the best way to express my feelings that given what has happened in Tampa, its critical that Ron Paul liberty Republicans and the Tea Party unite to fight the common enemy.  But I got an email from “Anonymous” who said everything I wanted said so I decided to just cut and paste it with his/her permission.  I couldn’t say it better myself:

Lessons from the Outrage in Tampa

For those of you unaware, the Romney Campaign and establishment at the RNC convention yesterday orchestrated a naked powergrab to silence the voices of grassroots activists at future Republican National Conventions. They only accomplished this feat by selectively disqualifying rules committee members who opposed the changes (such as those from Florida) and ultimately sequestering the entire Virginia delegation (where opponent leaders Morton Blackwell and Anne Gentry are the rules committee representatives) on their bus driving around the convention site for an hour and a half to keep them away from the rules committee vote. (continued here)

Chris’ note from “Anonymous” addresses the political concerns. What it does not fully address are the roots of the problem. We are the roots of the problem, not some third-party political establishment.

  • We do not have the civics education the people who founded this nation once had. Unlike them, we do not from our early years learn how to actively participate in the life of a community. We do how learn how to volunteer our time. Nor do we learn the rewards of fully participating in community life.
  • We do not have the moral education the people who founded this nation once had. Time and a secularized education system has separated us from our nation’s Biblical roots. Thus, when challenged with moral questions, our political officials, people like the rest of us, too often and too willingly answer incorrectly.

Therefore, to solve our political problems, we need to turn our hearts towards our Creator. We need to pray, and we need to reacquaint ourselves with His Word, The Holy Bible. Only then can we study our nation’s history and gain an appropriate understanding. Only then can we study the words and works of the Founders and determine how they expected our system of government to function. Only then will we be able to make necessary repairs and thoughtful improvements.

4 thoughts on “Lessons From The Outrage In Tampa

  1. Yes, prayer is the most important step in solving problems. But we must follow through with action. The Republican party has most likely hurt their fundraising efforts for the next several years and given any that want a third party formed new incentive.


    1. Freedom, by the way — Thanks for stopping by. As Book James attests, deeds must accompany faith (James 2:14-26).

      Fundraising is not a problem. RINOs will make certain the RNC gets what it “needs.” What Conservatives should be doing is looking towards those who offer us a solution. We need to support Conservatives.

      To restore constitutional government, we must complete the task we have set for ourselves. We need to take over the Republican Party. We need to go to the voters and explain Conservativism.

      Because they do not believe God gives us our rights, the RINOs cannot help us.


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