Do Women Get Paid Less Than Men?

Am a I fan of the Equal Rights Amendment or affirmative action? No. When it comes to a enforced equality, I am more frightened by government than reassured. Here is the problem. We want government to treat us all equally before the Law, but I don’t think we  want government to make us equals.

If we have a small government that just protects our rights, then it is relatively easy for government to treat us as equals. What if you violate your neighbor’s rights? Then you should get the same punishment anyone else would get.

On the other hand, where does the drive to enforce equality stop? Consider differences between men and women.  We don’t have the same set of genes. So we don’t look the same, and we don’t think the same way. We don’t even have all the same parts.  Do we really want government to fix that?

Here is a video I discovered at this post, Do Women Get Paid Less Than Men? at SimplePolitiks.  I suggest checking out that post and the comments.

2 thoughts on “Do Women Get Paid Less Than Men?

  1. I disagree with his recommendation that girls be steered towards the fields of study that might lead to more lucrative careers. Let girls choose what they want to do, free from pressure exerted by ideological egalitarians. As long as women (and men) have freedom, there will be inequality in their earning power, and there’s nothing wrong with that; liberty matters more than equality. Women are and always have been free to choose the higher-paying fields, but many of them have good reasons for choosing different (and often less lucrative) fields — or choosing to drop out of the rat race altogether, an option that is seldom open to men. This silly obsession with equality just leads to all kinds of social engineering and pressure put on women to behave more like men (or sometimes on men to behave more like women). One reason I detest feminism is the fact that its goals can’t be achieved without coercion, since it requires both men and women to behave in ways that are completely contrary to human nature. And where does the coercion come from? Big government, of course; no other entity has the necessary size and power to do it. That’s why modern egalitarian feminism is completely incompatible with the whole concept of personal liberty and limited government.


    1. Bob, I agree, and thank you for pointing that out.

      Here is my take. When we set a good example, we do not have to be a busybody. We not have to coerce other people’s children to do it our way. Our example is enough, but busybodies do not set a good example. I doubt they want to work that hard.

      In fairness to the professor, he did not actually state that it is desirable to steer girls toward more lucrative fields. He prefaced that section with: “if we think that is important….”

      Does the professor think important to steer children towards more lucrative careers? I don’t know, but I do think he wanted to raise the issue. Why? Perhaps it is because of the issues you raised. We do have choices.
      • Do we steer our children in certain directions?
      • What directions?
      • Who takes responsibility for steering children?

      I think parents, not busybodies or “experts” chosen by politicians, should either be doing or choosing who does this sort of steering. How we each choose to spend our human capital reflects our religious values. Therefore, when government steers our children in certain directions, government officials interfere with our religious liberty.

      We should not stress equality over liberty. When we stress equality over liberty, we play a stupid — albeit very ancient — game. In our era, we call this game “keeping up with the Joneses”.


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