Because he seeks to rally folks for the 2012 Election and he is running to be Virginia’s next Lieutenant Governor, Delegate Scott Lingamfelter spends much of his time travelling our state. In the process, he has learned something about the cost of ignoring people who insist upon the wrong kind of “change.” When people insist upon doing the wrong thing for the wrong reason, they create economic havoc.

Reality 2012

As I have traveled across Virginia rallying folks to get involved in this 2012 Election, it has been a great personal experience for me. Everywhere I go to speak for our Republican Team, I encounter people who are deeply concerned with the future of the nation. They know that if we fail in 2012 that the very future of the nation is in the balance. And it shouldn’t surprise you that from Lancaster and Westmoreland in the Northern Neck, to Tazewell, Russell, Grundy and Abingdon in coal country, to Martinsville and Gretna in the Southside, people are energized to defeat President Obama and get the country back on the right track. The key, though, is we must get our vote out. In reality, this is the only way we can reverse the ruinous policies of this failed administration

But there is another reality I have seen with my own eyes as I have travelled around the Commonwealth. And it’s this. People are really hurting. In the Northern Neck, lumber businesses have closed their doors, laying off hundreds of workers due to a sluggish economy. In Martinsville and Henry County where chronic unemployment continues, the Obama economy has made a bad jobless situation there even worse. And in the coal fields of this great state, people recoil in horror as the Obama Administration is active in its wrong-headed effort to destroy the coal industry.   If the building industry remains in the tank, lumber suppliers will suffer. If people continue to languish in the absence of a true economic recovery program, businesses will continue to fail and close their doors. And if the reckless Obama Administration willfully sabotages the coal industry, not only will we be deprived of reliable and affordable industry that is truly “home grown”, but the service jobs that support an entire industry will dry up in a region of our state where people have to work hard on the best day to sustain their family income.

The reality folks is that the Obama Administration is a national wrecking crew. They must be removed in November and we must elect people who know how the economy really works. I hope you will join me-this year, right now, right here-to take back our nation from those who have set it on a perilous path of economic collapse. Too strong a characterization liberals would contend? I say its reality 2012.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get the job done, and in the process, create a reality going forward based on constitutional freedoms, common sense, and free enterprise.

On to victory!

What Lingamfelter observes are the economic effects of the Obama Administration’s policies. That is a side effect of doing evil deeds. Because evil is so destructive, there must be an economic cost. Yet what we should fear more is the spiritual cost.

When the men and women who lead us ignore their oath of office, they set a terrible example. Nonetheless, we speak only of the economic cost. That must stop. The spiritual cost is more important. When we vote we must answer the following questions.

  • Which candidate provides the best example for my children and grandchildren?
  • Which candidate’s conduct would serve as the best example to hold up high before the world?

Have we been asking such questions? It sure doesn’t look like it.