n : the doctrine of the ecumenical movement promoting cooperation and better understanding among different religious denominations; aimed at universal Christian unity [syn: ecumenicism, ecumenicalism]

As the definition above clearly stipulates, Ecumenism is a Christian unity movement, not an all the world’s religions unity movement. Few serious Christians would consider such unity either practical or desirable.

What is a serious Christian? If you believe and try to live by the Apostle’s Creed, you are serious.

So why am I posting about ecumenism? What this post is is a reblog of Ecumenism or You-Come-In-Ism? from the blog Biltrix. That post takes on the subject of ecumenism from the perspective of a priest the Catholic Church, and Ecumenism or You-Come-In-Ism? well describes how Christians should strive for Ecumenism.

Ecumenism or You-Come-In-Ism? begins with this image, a “CoexisT” bumper sticker.

How do you spell ‘Ecumenism’? … Like this?

Bumpersticker Ecumenism

(continued here)

Why does Ecumenism or You-Come-In-Ism? begin with that bumper sticker? What is that bumper sticker suppose to represent?

This web page explains what the coexist bumper sticker means near the bottom of the web page, and it makes the bumper sticker sound like a nice idea. So what is wrong with it? Shouldn’t we all try to coexist? The short answer is yes, but the people who have adopted that bumper sticker promote a distorted view of religious tolerance, that all religious beliefs are equally right and good.

Our duty to respect religious rights of others does not require us to give up the belief that only Jesus provides the way to salvation. In fact, no serious Christian would consider doing any such thing. Why? See Dismount your donkey at the summit.


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  1. Since comments on “Dismount your donkey at the summit” are closed, I’ll just say it here.

    “When toleration is taken too far and distorted, we accomplish little but to make asses of ourselves.”

    Well said. Bravo!
    (and thanks for the reblog!)


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