In the middle of last week, our Vice President and the owner of a Virginia bakery, “Crumb and Get It,” were in the news. Here are a few of the stories.

What follows is an August 17th email from Delegate Scott Lingamfelter.


Guts. There are lots of ways to describe this word. But for me it’s having the internal fortitude to say and do what isn’t easy in order to take a stand for the greater good, particularly when it comes with personal and professional risk. In the military, the soldiers I served with depended on each other-and their leaders-to have the guts to do what was right even when it came at great costs.

We saw guts on display this week in Radford, Virginia with the actions of Chris McMurray, who, when approached by the advance team of Vice President (and national clown) Joe Biden to arrange a “drop by”, declined the invitation.

Chris, who owns “Crumb and Get It”, a small bakery (that he built), said “no thanks” to Biden’s stage crew, sending a shock wave through the news media, who was abuzz with the audacity (guts) of a fellow who profoundly disagrees with the policies of President Obama and his Administration, including the Vice President who has attained national recognition as a blabber mouth.

Chris showed the kind of guts that we need in America, the kind of guts that says “no” to power, “no” to the media glare, and “no” to an Administration that is hard at work destroying the free enterprise system as we know it.

That’s the kind of guts I admire and respect. More power to you, Chris. Let’s hope many others across America stand up as you have when the Obama-Biden circus comes to town. Maybe they will have to settle for an event at the local community organizer’s headquarters. That’s something they may actually have built, certainly not a real business.

Elections matter, folks. Get out there and get busy. Volunteer for your local GOP committee, make calls, knock on doors, write letters, register conservatives to vote, and work as you never have to stand up for our Constitution, families, and small businesses. We can’t afford another four years of Obama-Biden.

On to Victory!

Guts? Yes. Is our thanks appropriate? Yes, but when we have so little respect for our leaders there is little to cheer about. What this is is a sign of the times. This is evidence of the deterioration of our nation’s leadership.

Generally, we Americans show respect for our leaders. We understand that when done with compassion and integrity leading a republic is difficult. To help them remain honest, that is why we require our leaders to swear an oath to uphold and defend the principles embodied by our Constitution. We know that many citizens will plead with them and cajole them for special favors, and we know that circumstances will present them with tough problems, problems where no easy compromise exists.

From centuries of testing we know there are no substitutes for the rule of law and honorable leadership. Unrestrained by principle, we will fight and destroy each other. Thus, we need government to protect us from each other, and we need a government run by leaders who will not break their oath and claim the need and the right to “do more”.

Unfortunately, many of the people leading our country long ago gave up their commitment to obey their oath of office. Such leave only the office they occupy deserving of respect. So when an ordinary citizen tells the Vice President to take a hike, many cheer. If we do not repent, many more will cry tears.



  1. Freedom, by the way

    Hurray for Chris McMurray! It is a hot election year and this business owner saw through the media visit as a photo op for the Obama campaign. Would he have declined a visit from the VP if there were not an upcoming election? Who knows. I think many of us would be hard pressed to decline a visit from any government official if cameras and microphones were not involved. In fact, THAT kind of one-on-one would be very valuable. But of course, the Obama administration rarely meets with the average small business owner if not for publicity because they really do not care nor do they want to know what citizens are really thinking.


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