bluebird of bitterness

For those of you whose reading time is limited, or whose literacy skills are less than optimal, The People’s Cube has compiled a handy list of books that contain absolutely no pages. Here are a few titles from the list:

Successful Green Energy Investments, by Barack Obama

My Thoughts on Personal Liberty, by Nanny Michael Bloomberg

Actual Hard Scientific Evidence Supporting the Theory of Human-Induced Climate Change, by Michael Mann

Socialist Policies That Actually Work, by French President Francois Hollande

Turbo Tax Tips, by Tim Geithner

My Low-Consumption Small-Carbon-Footprint Lifestyle, by Al Gore

How the New Bullet Train Will Benefit California, by Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown

The Truths Revealed by My Movies, by Michael Moore

The Logic Behind the ObamaCare Decision, by Chief Justice John Roberts

How I Sacrificed Self-Interest in Favor of Public Service, by Michelle Obama

(See the complete list here.)

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