It is no secret that the so-called main stream news media has an extreme Liberal Democrat bias. So I often cast about looking at alternative news sources. World Magazine – Today’s News | Christian Views seems like it may be a good place to visit regularly. What follows is one their articles, good news about a very important issue.

School choice surge

GARY, Ind.—In the Griffin house, even the dog is polite. At a command from dad Roman Griffin, the golden retriever/chow mix skitters to her cage without a whimper. When a visitor steps in the front door, six children ranging from 5 to 17—including twins and a nephew—sit beneath family photos in a red living room to offer their attention.

Naomi, 8, wears Hello Kitty slippers and a toothy grin. She says she’d like to be a preacher, teacher, fireman, policeman, scientist, and “play all the instruments.” Her brother, 11-year-old Jailon, wants to “write fiction stories, mostly for kids and babies,” and has learned at school that “anything is possible when you have God in your life.” (continued here)