Delegate Scott Lingamfelter is running to be our Lieutenant Governor in 2013. So the link on his name now points to that campaign website. Like as not, I will support him. I also expect to vote for Mitt Romney and George Allen. I just find it difficult to accept that voting for these guys is “getting it right.” I think we could have done better.

Getting it Right

 I was an Artilleryman during my 28-year career in the Army. And if there is one word that Artillerymen care about, it’s precision. You sure as heck don’t want to be hurling 200 pound artillery shells around the battlefield indiscriminately. The term of art we often used was “put steel on the target” and that required great precision. In other words, we took great pains to “get things right”.

Today’s news that unemployment continues to lag at a pitiful 8.3% is the best evidence ever that when it come to the economy, the Obama Administration is “not getting it right”. Unlike a well-trained artilleryman who knows how to “get things right”, Obama has demonstrated that he is completely incompetent when it comes to understanding the economy.

Physicist Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.  Giving Obama four more years to ignore the Constitution, grow our debt, impose policies that hurt job growth, and confiscate our money through higher taxes, is true insanity.

We need a President Romney and a Senator Allen who will preserve our freedom and constitutional government, stand up for families, and protect small businesses from the heavy hand of government.   And we must go to the polls to do just that in November.

And that is the very reason that I am going to run for Lieutenant Governor in 2013; to stand up for constitutional government, families, and small businesses. Obama and his minions are hostile to all three and I am sick and tired of it.

So please vote this November. Dispatch Obama and his extreme views back to Chicago, and next year, please consider helping me here in Virginia. You can do that by going to and signing up to be a delegate to the GOP State Convention for me in 2013. You can also make a donation to our effort to get our campaign moving.

Elections matter folks, and if we fail to put competent and committed constitutional conservatives in office, we should not be surprised when things go very badly for our nation. Now is our time. Vote in November. This is not the season for sunshine patriots. Let’s get it right!

On to Victory!

What is “getting it right”? Unfortunately, the perfect candidate is not on the ballot. Even if he or she were on the ballot, how would we know? We are just choosing between acquaintances we see from time-to-time. Therefore, when we make the best of our choices, I suppose that is “getting it right”.

How do we make the best of our choices? That requires a bit of research. Think about what politicians say about each other. What is the scariest possibility? They could all telling the truth. As it is, at least half of them must be lying about the other half. As voters, our problem is to figure out which half is more deserving of our trust.

What is a good indication of which politicians most deserve our trust? Politics is about the exercise power and spending other people’s money. Trustworthy politicians don’t ask for lots of power and lots of money to spend; they simply explain what they intend to do and how what they intend to do will comport with their oath of office. On the other hand, con artists make extravagant promises. As though they did not already have enough power and enough money to spend, con artists would have us believe they need more power and more of “other people’s money” to spend.