What is fundamental transformation? What comes to your mind? Is it the metamorphosis that takes place when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly? What someone subjected you to a fundamental transformation? Do you think it would matter if you had a choice in the matter?

Consider the pictures above: the peasants beside a hovel, the people working for their masters and mistresses, the galley slaves pulling the oars, the beatings, and the chains. When we are the unwilling victim of a fundamental transformation, we become someone else’s property. Our masters raise themselves above us. Under duress, we work for them. Whatever they want we must do or suffer arbitrary punishment.

How does an involuntary fundamental transformation work? It begins with captivation. In the pursuit of wicked dreams, some gain power over others. With the help of willing servants — the “upper classes” — these “dreamers” transform their victims into lower classes of human beings. What do we call these victims? History is replete with synonyms, but the most popular term is slave.

How do we avoid slavery? We must be wary. We must remember there are two sides to slavery. There is the point of view of the master, and there is the point of view of the slave.

  • What the master perceives is glamorous. Search the Internet. When a would-be master shares his dream with his victim, he speaks of prosperity and sensual pleasures. Such talk is just a lure. Of what the would-be master speaks, he intends only for himself.
  • Of what the slave perceives, we know little. In our land, there are few slaves. Where there are slaves, their masters will not suffer them to speak. Yet we can imagine that the visage of a slave speaks for itself. At its worst, it must be a face that sees is all it’s hopes and dreams undone, a man reduced to a thing.

How do we oppose slavery? If we love our family, friends, and neighbors, then we must refuse to impose slavery on anyone, and we must restrain those who have such ambitions.

We must view each others rights to life, liberty, and property as God-given and sacred. When one man makes another his slave, he seeks to warp his victim’s soul. None of us have that right. Therefore, when a man claims he can give us our rights — especially at the expense of others — he claims to be God. He is insisting that we should worship him, and he risks damning both his own soul and the souls of any who would follow him.