Senator Dick Black represents me in the Virginia Senate. He is a “NO” vote.

Senator Black opposes Medicaid expansion

Everyone knows that Obamacare is a massive transformation to socialized medicine. However, many are just starting to realize that Obamacare is also the most massive new welfare program since the Great Society.

“Virginia was asked to add 425,000 new people to the Medicaid rolls by 2014. Medicaid provides premium healthcare on a welfare basis,” said Black. “This huge expansion of Medicaid would expand the program to an additional 1 of every 18 people in Virginia–all at the expense of working taxpayers.”

Today, indigents are either on Medicaid or receive free care in the emergency room for urgent healthcare needs.  The proposed new Medicaid enrollments are an enormous addition to the welfare load that cannot be funded in future years.

“Obamacare puts America on the same financial trajectory as Spain or Italy,” said Senator Black. The Obama administration promises to pay 90% of Virginia’s additional Medicaid costs if we agree to “opt in” to the new Medicaid requirement. Considering the level of federal deficits, however, there is no guarantee that such funding will always be available. If Virginia expanded Medicaid our share would add at least $2.2 billion to the state’s Medicaid costs each year.

Although the recent Supreme Court ruling upheld much of the new healthcare law, the recent ruling said that the federal government could not compel States to expand their Medicaid rolls. This allows Virginia to “opt out” of the Medicaid expansion.

Senator Black said, “I intend to oppose expanding the Medicaid rolls in Virginia. Creating a vast new entitlement program is simply not feasible when the economy is teetering on the brink of a new and deeper recession. We must learn to run government prudently like responsible families run their household budgets.”