Reinventing the We'll

Many different kinds of power exert their force upon our universe: Electricity, wind, water, gravity, atomic fusion and fission, all move nature to their whims.

Sin also is a power exerting its force upon the universe. Now maybe you have never thought of sin like that before. Maybe you  are among the millions who consider it to be weakness, but the Bible doesn’t describe sin that way. The Word of God declares sin to be a slave master under which the whole creation groans in hopes of liberation (Romans 6-8). Sin is a power!

Love also is a power. But of all the powers in the universe it is the one which will survive and never fade away.

“Love never fails.” I Cor. 13:8 NIV

“ἡ ἀγάπη οὐδέποτε πίπτει”

agapē oudepote piptō”

      ” Agape” is the Greek word we have been using for love.

“Oudepote” is the Greek word meaning never.

“Pipto” is this little word…

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