Plato On Homosexual Practice

As it happens we have been discussing homosexuality. Given that is the case, I thought this post might be an interesting addition to the discussion. I do not believe Prayson Daniel will mind.

With All I Am

In Law, Book I, Plato(ca. 429-347 BC) records that male mating with male, and female with female is para physin(contrary to nature; same Greek phrase Paul of Tarsus(ca. 5 A.D – 67 A.D) used in his epistle to the Romans 1:26, ). Plato wrote:

In truth, Strangers, it seems a difficult thing for State institutions to be equally beyond criticism both in theory and in practice. Their case resembles that of the human body, where it seems impossible to prescribe any given treatment for each case without finding that this same prescription is partly beneficial and partly injurious to the body.

So these common meals, for example, and these gymnasia, while they are at present beneficial to the States in many other respects, yet in the event of civil strife they prove dangerous (as is shown by the case of the youth of Miletus, Bocotia and Thurii); and, moreover…

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