Deo Vindice

The career politicians, Establishment Republicans, crushed their Tea Party and assorted challengers in the primaries for public office.  So, I’ll have to control my gag reflex when the speakers blather about Romney, George Allen gives his ‘aw shucks’ speech, or the other career milquetoasts mouth their rah-rah Republicanism.  I’ll cheer when Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli speaks.  There shouldn’t be too much drama at this RPV Convention.  A Tea Party lady, Donna Holt, is challenging for the National Committeewoman seat.

And some Constitutional Conservatives picked up Party offices across the Commonwealth.  One piece of good news.

The issue of reversing the State Central Committee’s vote to have a primary in 2013 and go for a convention may get to the floor.  Dunno if it will or will not pass.

Here are 10 reasons thrown over the transom to vote for a convention.

  1. Primaries allow large numbers of Democrats and other non-Republicans…

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