In response to comments here and here, I decided to provide  ( joesix) a post. So here goes.

Most of us like to think of ourselves as a good person, and we like to be thought of as generous. We are neither good nor are we generous. That is why our nation risks descending into chaos. What we like to think is true about ourselves is not so. Even when we are supposedly trying to be generous, we tend to first think greedily of ourselves.

Robin Hood’s Merry Men

Most us have no idea how much of our tax monies go to fund government charity. What is worse, most of us never consider the corrupting influence of government-run charities. We have all the facts we need, but we never bother to piece them together. Why? The Establishment (What is the Establishment? See WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO CHALLENGE THE ESTABLISHMENT — PART 1.) does not want us to. No, I am not speaking of a deliberate conspiracy. None is required. All that is required is for “good” men to do nothing, and when we think doing nothing is in our own best interest, most of us will happily do nothing.

Where does the “charity” go? Consider the two charts below. The first shows Federal spending, and the second shows total government spending (Federal, state, and local).


Federal Government Spending in FY 2011

Total Government Spending in FY 2011

With any cursory investigation of government spending, what will you learn?

  • Total government spending is over 6 trillion dollars. That means we devote almost 40 percent of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to our government.
  • We devote most government spending to “social programs.” That is, our government takes money from someone who earned it, and our government gives that money to someone who did not earn it.
  • Because of Social Security, the old live off the young.
  • Because of welfare programs, nonprofit organizations, government bureaucrats, and the poor live off the “rich”.
  • Because of educational programs, educators, education administrators, and their labor unions live off their students, their student’s parents, and the taxpayers.
  • Because of healthcare programs such as Medicare, the healthcare industry (and the old) lives off the taxpayers (particularly young ones).
  • And so forth.
  • And our government is running huge deficits (see here). We will leave the young and future generations burdened with debt.

That which we traditionally consider basic government services — national defense, police protection, the regulation of commerce, road construction…. — uses an increasingly smaller part of the budget. Most of the the activity of our government is now consumed by social programs. We have allowed time to turn our politicial establishment into to one vast band of do-good robbers. For all practical purposes, we are ruled by Robin Hood’s Merry Men, that is, ladies and gentlemen who make merry by benevolently dispersing taxpayer funds to whomever they choose.

What is to come?


  1. joesix – You are devoted to the Constitution? I do believe that qualifies as sarcasm. Sarcasm, by the way, is what I attempted with that little section you quoted. Nevertheless, you could try answering those questions and see where that gets you.

    Anyway, it has been a long week, and I am tired. Since this thread is getting a little bit old and stale, I will post something on Tuesday that I think will revive it.


  2. joesix – When you try to redefine marriage to suit your own religious beliefs, why doesn’t that make you a zealot? When your purpose is to use the force of government to force others to approve of same-sex marriages, how do you justify that in the name of freedom of conscience?

    You want to believe me the zealot? What that requires is that you ignore the character of your own conduct. To condemn what I believe you must first find something upon which to base that belief. Logic and reason? I don’t think so.

    So what should we make of your video? Just because one guy makes a three-minute speech about his personal experience we are suppose to fundamentally alter the entire institution of marriage? Does he know what he is talking about? Love holds marriages together, but does love establish the purpose for marriage? What if marriage is about forming families to raise children?

    What we traditionally call marriage is based upon the facts of life. When a man and a woman have sex, they may or may not be able to produce a child. When two people of the same sex try to have sex, however, they have no chance of producing offspring. Thus, we distinguish between opposite sex and same sex unions, and that is why throughout history people have not thought it pertinent to marry two people of the same sex. In addition, we do not condone Polygamy, Polyandry, Group Marriage, child marriage, marriage with beasts, and so forth. Yet some would have us believe love supports many such odd arrangements.

    Times have supposedly changed. Today we have some experts lauding the virtues of old sins and other experts lauding new technologies that suggest “new” possibilities. Moreover, we have excited journalists happily preaching the virtues of families of every description. Thus, we have the speaker in your video. Well, let’s consider his birth. What is the problem with our government encouraging the artificial insemination of a woman by a man she is not married to? Does it not open new opportunities to father children anonymously? What is the moral difference between a man taking money for his sperm and serving a paid stud for a woman who wants a child. Not much, right? So what is the problem?

    You know what a liger is? It is the cross between a lion and a tiger. We get the same sort of thing with a mule, which is the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse. Like animals, we too can be encourage to set aside all restraint for the thrill of the moment. As our technology progresses, we can only guess what kind of crazy things some people will try, but artificial insemination is most likely just a start. Why don’t we make it easier on the sinners by altering the definition of marriage so it accommodates every stupid whim? Why shame people? Doesn’t freedom of conscience permit people to do what they want to do just because they want to do it? Is it really necessary that the institution of marriage serve the needs of children? Wouldn’t that be religious zealotry?


    1. Again, I’m not (and I can’t) force anyone to approve of anything. Though I disapprove of organized religion, Will Ferrell, and reality shows, my devotion to the US Constitution compels me to allow my fellow Americans to use their freedom of conscious to decide for themselves if those destructive forces are right for them. If I don’t like church, I don’t have to go. If you don’t like same-sex marriage, you don’t have to have one. There’s no reason to ruin everyone else’s life just because we don’t see the merits in something that aids them in their pursuit of happiness.

      I apologize if you take offense at the word “zealot.” I used to use the word “bigot,” but bigots seemed even more offended with that one.

      I realize Zach Wahls’ speech is only anecdotal evidence of the harmlessness of same-sex families. You’re more than welcome to provide your own anecdotal evidence refuting it. If you need something more concrete, I guess I’ll again refer you to the recent study that found same-sex parents raise children just as physically and mentally healthy as other children, if not more so (,8599,1994480,00.html ). You’re again welcome to show me any non-biased study that refutes those findings.

      If an infertile heterosexual couple tries to have sex, they have no chance of producing offspring. I don’t think you’re heartless enough to deny them the right to marry, are you? Call me a romantic, but I don’t believe sex defines marriage. I believe love, commitment, and respect is what keeps those unions strong even when a couple reaches the age when sex is not an option. Whatever the case may be, those philosophical discussions aren’t something the government should be legislating. The more I debate this with you, the more convinced I am that government should just stop recognizing all marriages.

      “Doesn’t freedom of conscience permit people to do what they want to do just because they want to do it? Is it really necessary that the institution of marriage serve the needs of children? Wouldn’t that be religious zealotry?”

      Are you screwing with me here, or actually agreeing with me?


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