It seems a bit of alleged discrimination has gone viral. I noted first noted the story in Muslim Store Owners Refuse To Serve US Soldier (H/T to That Mr. G Guy’s Blog). In that the video in Muslim Store Owners Refuse To Serve US Soldier exhibits a certain amount of unabashed prejudice, it is probably not a good thing. Curious as to the truth of the matter, I checked out some local news reports.

Oddly enough both TV stations used the same title, and both reported the story with the same diffidence, almost as if trying to cast doubt as to whether any discrimination had occurred. Did any discrimination occur? Since I know nothing about the guy who says he saw the discrimination as it occurred, I do not know. I just wished the news media exhibited the same neutrality when they report supposed incidences of discrimination and brutality by white males, particularly by our soldiers in combat.


2 thoughts on “A CURIOUS SITUATION

  1. Thanks for the link. Someone told me the store owners apologized so there’s something to the story. ( Why tender an apology if nothing happened?) And evidently, it’s happened before in the same area at another store.


    1. That’s more than I have heard. What bothered me was the news media reports. They obviously have a bias.

      It unfortunate, but there are always some people who have a perennial problem respecting military personnel. For some reason they cannot set aside the uniform. Others hate someone else for no real reason. As human beings we have a hard time admitting that everyone deserves at least a modicum of respect just because God expects us to love our neighbor, even our enemies.


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