On June 12th, Tuesday, we will be having a Republican Primary for one of Virginia’s seats in the  U.S. Senate (see VOTE IN THE JUNE 12TH REPUBLICAN PRIMARY). Will you be there to vote for Bob Marshall. There is a good reason for you to turn out and vote. Here it is.

The politicians conservatives support have proved again and again what is known as “Evans’ Law” (named after famed journalist and author M. Stanton Evans): “When one of our people gets in a position where he can do us some good, he stops being one of our people.”

But in Virginia lives the exception to this rule. His name is Virginia Del. Bob Marshall, R-Prince William, and he is truly a remarkable, principled and effective public servant.

For 21 years, Bob Marshall has led the pro-life, pro-family, pro-freedom forces in the Virginia General Assembly. There was not one time in all those years that we have ever heard anyone accuse him of trimming his sails because of leftist opposition. Indeed, he is one of those rare public servants who thrives on such opposition – it makes him stronger.

Often, those with strong principles don’t know how to present themselves to voters and cannot win re-election. But Bob wins year after year with big margins representing increasingly liberal Northern Virginia. He was substantially outspent in many of those races by Democrats who vilified his conservative social and economic positions. His character and electoral success have served as a witness to other D.C.-area politicians to believe that they can stand by their principles and still be re-elected.

Often legislators with strong conservative principles find themselves relegated to the role of backbenchers with little influence on legislation. In the past two decades, Bob’s legislative accomplishments have far eclipsed those of his colleagues.

He was the author of the Virginia Marriage Amendment to the Virginia Constitution, which was approved by 57 percent of the voters in Virginia in 2006. (continued here at World Net Daily)

You interested in working to strengthen our constitutional republic? Then show up at your polling precinct on June 12th, and cast your vote for Bob Marshall.