Well, I finally have found a complete video of the May 25th debate between Virginia’s four Republican senate candidates.

Are you going to vote on June 12th?  Then I hope you watch all three. I don’t think snippets or anything I or anyone else would write substitutes for listening on your own to the full debate.

You can find the other debates at these two links.

Should you base your vote solely on the debates? No. However, I think the debates are important. Because a statesman needs to be able to think on his feet and to be persuasive, if a candidate debates poorly, that is a bad sign.

How was this debate? All the candidates did well.

  • Obviously, since he is the only one who posted the complete video, E. W. Jackson thinks he did well, and he did.
  • Jamie Radtke improved vastly on her last debate, coming across as thoughtful, cool and calm. Thankfully, instead of trying to attack George Allen, she concentrated on explaining her own position. Unfortunately, the Radtke campaign used the debate to take a statement George Allen made completely out of context.View Radtke’s video (H/T to The Virginia Conservative from Allen’s Fatal Flaw), and then compare that with what Allen said 46 minutes and 54 seconds into the debate. Such behavior disqualifies Radtke to serve in the U.S. Senate.
  • George Allen, apparently concerned about retaining his alleged lead, remained careful and circumspect. He said little that will surprise anyone. He just strove to hide the fact that he is the least Conservative “qualified” candidate (besides Tim Kaine) running to be Virginia’s U.S. senator.
  • Bob Marshall, perhaps inspired by Jackson, spoke with a bit more fire. Nonetheless, astute listeners will still be struck by the fact that it is Marshall who has the legislative experience and expertise.

Other Views

Bearing Drift‘s  offers a balanced report in Northern Virginia Republican U.S. Senate Debate Wrap-Up.

In The Final Debate, BVBL offers an excellent report.

In The Final RPV Debate, Sara for America provides a little snippet that is accurate and also kinda funny.

I can’t believe I just sat through the RPV senate debate on the Friday jump-start to Memorial Day weekend.

But I did. (My twitter feed will back me up.)

The overall impression I got was that (with the exception of a mis-statement about war authorization that he cleared up in another answer) George Allen says all the right things.

His challengers just say it better.



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  2. virginiaconservative

    Thanks for finding the entire debate. I’ve gone back and linked this article to my recent piece about the matter so my readers can hopefully watch and judge for themselves.


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