What is this post about? Whenever a Democrat like President Barack Obama makes a decision about our military forces, that decision will not benefit our military forces. In fact, because most military personnel vote for the other party, Obama will punish military personnel for their impertinence.

What makes matters particularly awful is that military personnel must obey orders. Therefore, active duty military personnel can only grin and bear it.


Here is a good summary from Senator Mark Obenshain.

This past session, the General Assembly considered 2,876 bills and resolutions, enacting 1,616 of them — 855 bills and 746 resolutions.

Most of this new legislation goes into effect on Sunday, July 1, so I wanted to take a few moments to outline what changes, and to provide you with a quick guide to the laws that have just been added to the books.

Public Safety

  • A three year mandatory minimum  sentence has been adopted for those convicted of dealing or manufacturing      drugs a second or subsequent time (SB      159 – my bill)
  • A mandatory minimum of life imprisonment is now in effect for some of the most heinous of criminals, adults who rape a minor under the age of thirteen (SB      436 – my bill)
  • It is now a felony with a mandatory minimum of 20 years imprisonment to knowingly defraud a senior citizen or incapacitated person of their financial assets (SB      431)
  • Individuals convicted of a DUI are now required to install an ignition interlock on the vehicle they drive after the first offense, and must have one installed in each vehicle they      own or have registered to them after a second offense (SB      378)
  • The list of individuals required to report suspected child abuse and neglect has been expanded to include those associated with or employed by any public organization responsible for the care of children, and any person employed by a public or private college or university, so that no one will be able to say “it’s not my responsibility” (SB      239)
  • The definitions of synthetic marijuana and bath salts have been revised to foreclose attempts to circumvent the law by making slight tweaks to the drugs’ chemical compositions, helping us keep these drugs off the street (SB      273)

Economic Growth and Prosperity

  • A new tax credit for small businesses will provide grants covering 10% of certain investments in growth and job creation (SB      344)
  • The Major Business Facility Job Tax Credit, which is available to companies creating at least fifty new  jobs, has been extended for another two years (SB      368)
  • Virginia law now prohibits state and local contracts from requiring costly, union-only Project Labor Agreements, which are frequently an attempt to skirt our “right to      work” laws (SB      242 – my bill)


  • Charter schools will now enjoy greater flexibility and will have access to additional resources to operate and allow them to serve more students across the Commonwealth (SB      440 – my bill)
  • Home school families will no longer have to clear quite so many hurdles to educate their children at home (SB      564)
  • The General Assembly also enacted  my legislation (and Senator Stanley’s) creating educational improvement tax credits to enable more families to send their children to a school of choice, though this legislation does not go into effect until 2013 (SB      131)

Government Reform

  • Based in significant part on the recommendations of the Reform Commission, on which I serve, the General      Assembly adopted legislation streamlining, and in some cases consolidating, dozens of government agencies to promote efficiency, eliminate duplication, and produce savings for taxpayers (SB      678)
  • Fourteen mandates on local government have been eliminated, freeing local governments to use their      resources more prudently (SB      679)
  • Local governments which designated an Urban Development Area may now reverse the decision if they  so choose (SB      274)

Gun Rights

  • The one handgun a month restriction has been lifted, with Virginia joining forty-eight other states in not placing arbitrary time limits between gun purchases (SB      323)
  • The handful of localities which still fingerprint those who purchase firearms (data state government does      not use) are no longer permitted to do so (SB      67)
  • Clerks of Court may now issue concealed handgun permits by mail, and may not request any information  from an applicant that is not contained on the concealed handgun permit  form (SB      563)

Other Legislation

  • Voters will now be required to show some form of identification at the polls, and if unable to do so, must vote provisionally (SB      1 – Senator Martin and I were chief co-patrons)
  • A cause of action may now be brought for wrongful acts leading to the death of an unborn child (SB      674)
  • Abortion clinics must now offer a woman the opportunity to view an ultrasound image, which she may accept or      decline (HB      462)
  • A law is now on the books specifically prohibiting law enforcement or any other agents of the Commonwealth from participating in any indefinite detention action pursued      by the federal government (HB      1160)
  • Although it’s not in effect yet, it’s worth noting that the Virginia Property Rights Amendment will be on the ballot in November; this eminent domain reform amendment will ensure that no property is taken for economic development purposes, and that in legitimate takings, owners truly receive just compensation (SJ      3 – my resolution)

This list only scratches the surface, of course, but these are some of the key bills going into effect on Sunday. As always, please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!

With best regards,

Mark D. Obenshain
Virginia State Senator


What is the bright side to the Supreme Court’s decision on Obamacare? Frankly, I don’t really see one (here is a copy of the decision), but I suppose a good lawyer considers the finer points of law, finer points than I would bother noticing. Thus I read Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli‘s columns on the decision with some interest.

In any war — and Conservatism and Socialism are at war — victory requires that we look for and seize whatever advantages we can find. Therefore, Conservative leaders must seek whatever weaknesses their Socialist opponents offer.

Realistically, we Conservatives have one immediate advantage. Robert’s decision clarified the issues involved. We are in a fight for the future of our nation. Unless we turn back Obamacare and reverse the course of bigger and bigger government, we will doom our children to serfdom. What I expect that means is that Conservatives like Ken Cuccinelli will find fundraising a mite easier.

Do you want a Conservative governor in Virginia? Then check out:



Here is why we need pray and study before we vote.

want one?

I got the above today as an email from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. As usual, they want me to send them money.

Frankly, I consider Obamacare abominable. Yes, it will mess up both our economy and our healthcare system, but that is not the worst part of it. Obama and the Democrats sold the program with a pack of lies, and Obamacare clearly violates our Constitution. Nonetheless, five Supreme Court Justices approved it, and President Obama signed the bill. Without even reading the bill, majorities in both houses of Congress voted for it.  Each of the public officials who had a role in establishing Obamacare as public law broke their oath of office. Unfortunately,  the roster of the guilty does not end there. To make Obamacare happen the majority of the electorate had to vote for these liars and scoundrels.

That truly saddens me. The majority of the people in my country voted to put liars and scoundrels in Congress and in the White House.  Americans voted for people who promised to break their oath of office. Either we have become abysmally ignorant or we have a serious spiritual problem.

At times like this, we have only one good choice. We need to get down upon our knees, repent, and beg God to forgive us.