I often reblog the post of others that I find interesting. However, because I like to add a few words of my own, I find the inflexibility of that new reblog feature awkward. So here is a reblog of the Price of gas without the reblog.

 Reblogged from Bell Book Candle.

Here it is the beginning of the Memorial Day weekend when gas prices usually rise for the summer driving season, and gas prices are actually falling. I think that is an ominous sign for the continued health of the economy. Additionally, it was only a short time ago that the GOP was blaming President Obama for the spike in gas prices. Now they are totally silent about the fall in prices. If he is responsible in one direction, he is responsible in the other. (continued here)

Do I agree with ? No. So I left a few comments here and here.

After reading last reply (here), it occurred to me that most of us are inveterate conspiracy theorists. We all believe in them; we just deride the other guy’s conspiracy theories.

Why do we produce conspiracy theories? Why is  so determined to villainize the GOP and the oil companies? That’s hard to say, but logic does not support it. GOP politicians just do what they need to do get elected. What the oil companies do is provide a product all of us buy, but there is a rub. Whatever we do comes with tradeoffs.

Consider something basic. Because we must eat, we fight over the best land, and we defecate. One reason we war with each other is to gain control of the best farmland. Another reason we fight is to enslave others to grow our crops. In addition, because even the act of eating produces waste, we must find some way to clean up our dung, and that is not easy. It took centuries for our ancestors to develop the techniques we use for gathering and treating sewage, and much of the world still does not have adequate sewage treatment systems. Therefore, we still see outbreaks of disease carried through the spread our own dung (i.e., fecal pollution).

Similarly, the production and usage of petroleum products produces strife and pollution. Because our economies require petroleum products, as nations we fight to control oil fields. Because even unrefined oil is toxic to us and refineries stink, we find the compromises required to use that icky stuff difficult. Therefore, we struggle heroically to put new oil refineries in somebody else’s back yard.

Human nature is what it is. We are not innately good; we have to beg God to help us to be good. Otherwise, to get what we want, we will even lie to ourselves.

Anyway, I thank  for the correction. It is true that rein and reign have differing meanings, and I used the wrong word.

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