Has President Barack Obama done his worst? Probably not. That is why I reblogged the following video from Boudica BPI Weblog, specifically Obama says forward, we’ve almost reached the cliff!

Frankly, I wonder about Dick Morris. That man helped elect Bill Clinton. Has he reformed? I don’t know, but the analysis he provides in the video above strikes me as clear, concise, correct, and compelling. In particular, the analogy he uses, bloodletting, is too good to pass up.

Nonetheless, Morris’ video does deserve one point of criticism. When witch doctors treated their patients by bleeding them, they did not know any better. In fact, they actually thought they were accomplishing something useful.

The story of bloodletting is intertwined in the mysterious fabric of medical lore; it originated from magic and religious ceremonies. The physician and priest were one and the same since disease was thought to be caused by supernatural causes. Witch doctors and sorcerers were called on to drive out the evil spirits and demons. Bloodletting was a method for cleansing the body of ill-defined impurities and excess fluid. The early instruments included thorns, pointed sticks and bones, sharp pieces of flint or shell, and even sharply pointed shark’s teeth. Miniature bow and arrow devices for bloodletting have been found in South America and New Guinea. A small bloodletting instrument resembling a crossbow was once used in Greece and Malta. Wall paintings dating from 1400 B.C. depict the use of leeches for drawing blood from human beings. (from here)

Morris should have excused the ignorance of the witch doctors. Obama and the leaders at the G8 summit, however, have no such excuse. What they are doing is preying upon our ignorance.



  1. Leeches and bloodletting were a common practice in the West, not just in the third world. I don’t watch videos on the web because most are too long. Dick Morris on O’Reilly has nothing important to say. And i’m ready for four more years. i hope that we get a functional Congress.


    1. Walt, Thank you for visiting.

      Since a three-minute video really is not that long, I am surprised you would not watch it. I suspect your unwillingness to listen stems from a different cause than the mere time required. And that is sad. If Democrats were more willing to consider the criticism of their busybody policies, perhaps they would reconsider.

      Morris’ comments on bloodletting were intended as satirical. So he speaks of evil spirits, and that is why I mention witch doctors.

      Was the practice of bloodletting common in the West? Yes. Unfortunately, even after people dropped the notion that bloodletting got rid of evil spirits, the practice continued. In fact, George Washington asked to be bled when he had a throat infection. Some think that probably helped to kill him, but the amount of blood he had removed is unknown.


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