Here the blogger provides a simple explanation of why too much government spending is wrecking our economy. Just as we set priorities on our personal spending — and do not buy what we cannot afford — we need elected officials willing to stop buying more than we can afford.

Deo Vindice

Growth vs Austerity is a false choice.  A false dichotomy which deceives.   These are NOT the economic choices for America and Europe.  This isn’t the difference between Barry Soetero’s and Mitt Romney’s economic policies.

Republicans need to not be suckered into discussing issues in these terms.  Constitutional Conservatives need to school them if they don’t know better.

Government spending doesn’t equal growth.   Government spending kills capital – and more jobs than it creates.   Government spending creates destructive debt and inflation.  The growth shown in the Presdent’s TV commericials – 22 months of job growth if I remember correctly – doesn’t account for the people who stopped looking for jobs.  It doesn’t show the total number of jobs decreasing.  Every job that government spending claims as gain – cost 3 to 4 jobs killed by taxes or created 4 times more national debt than personal wealth.

Austerity doesn’t mean doing without. …

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  1. Freedom, by the way

    Politicians voting to raise the debt ceiling without cutting spending are all operating on the premise that the chickens won’t come home to roost during their term. They are putting their political future in front of America’s future.


    1. Freedom – Agreed.

      As a nation we are getting the leadership we deserve. We elect selfish politicians because we put what those politicians promise each of us in front of America’s future. To get rid of such selfish leadership, we must each choose to vote unselfishly. Instead of voting for a welfare state — instead of voting to rob our neighbors to fill our own or somebody else’s pocket — we must accept the fact that charity only works when we treat charity as a personal responsibility.


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