With respect to homosexual rights, what is the difference between Delegate Bob Marshall and former governor Tim Kaine? Kaine has evolved.

“The underlying issue is, should committed couples have the same legal rights and responsibilities, and the answer to that is an unequivocal yes,” Kaine said, noting that he had campaigned against a successful 2006 amendment adding a gay marriage ban to the Virginia Constitution.

“I believe in the legal equality of relationships,” Kaine continued. “The debate about, you know, is it marriage? Is it civil union? Is it domestic partnership? I just kind of let that one go and say should committed couples be treated the same by law, and I think the answer is yes.” (from here)

With respect to homosexual rights, what is the difference between Delegate Bob Marshall and former governor/senator George Allen? Without any reluctance or embarrassment, Marshall works hard to protect the institution of marriage.

Dear Pro-Family Virginian,

President Obama’s highly publicized support in favor of homosexual and lesbian “marriages” PROVES:

ALL CONSERVATIVE VOTERS IN VIRGINIA now need to rally around Bob Marshall in his quest for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate.

Bob Marshall authored the Marriage Amendment to the Virginia Constitution.

In fact, Bob Marshall is the main reason why Virginia’s Constitution already says “No!” to the Obama / Kaine effrontery against the traditional family.

The Marriage Amendment to the Virginia Constitution began as Bob Marshall’s legislation.

Rejecting the lukewarmness of many in his own party establishment and amid the open ridicule and scorn of many Democrats, Bob Marshall led a statewide campaign to get the Marriage Amendment approved in a Nov. 2006 referendum by Virginia voters 57% to 43%.

Now it is more obvious than ever that Bob Marshall needs to be the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate this November against former Democrat Governor Tim Kaine who stands foursquare with Obama on the social issues.

Bob Marshall has defeated Tim Kaine before.

  • As Governor, Kaine fought Bob Marshall’s efforts to make the Marriage Amendment part of our Constitution. But Bob Marshall won!
  • As Governor, Kaine fought to allow same sex couples to adopt and raise children. But Bob Marshall is winning that fight!

So it is clear. Bob Marshall is distinctively credentialed to beat Tim Kaine once again.

Some candidates for the nomination talk about what they would do if elected.

But making promises can’t beat Marshall’s actual, real life credentials. In fact, instead of talking about what they would do, they might be better off joining Bob Marshall for what he has already done!

Our former Senator’s handlers may position their candidate as a supporter of one man, one woman marriage as a talking point. But sending out tons of mail paid for by a few big donors can’t possibly equate to Marshall’s actual, real-life credentials. A real, live person beats a glossy 4 page foldout any day of the week. And Bob’s the real deal; not a K Street creation!

Only Bob Marshall can say he authored Virginia’s Marriage Amendment and was the driving force to make it part of the Commonwealth’s Constitution.

So spread the word!

Bob Marshall was The Game Changer to protect traditional marriage in Virginia. Now Marshall can defeat anti-family advocate Tim Kaine once again!

In fact, Bob Marshall can help bring down the whole Obama/Biden ticket and their anti-family agenda nationwide by beating “Obamaclone” Tim Kaine in the critical swing state of Virginia!

Let everyone know! Use your cell and emails in this most worthy of causes!

So please DONATE NOW! Send $25, $50, $100 or even more! Marshall is 7% ahead of the nearest Non-Allen candidate according to the latest Washington Post Poll and is surging to close the gap against George Allen. But he can only continue to do that with your financial support!

Bob Marshall can win this race just as he won the Marriage Amendment battle!

Bob Marshall needs and deserves your support.

Thank you!

Bob Allen
Campaign Manager
Bob Marshall for Senate

P.S. In times of crisis such as this, many can hear what their consciences tell them to do, but only some take action. In 2006, Bob Marshall listened to his conscience and took action. Now, it’s your turn! There is more power in people of conscience taking action, than there can ever be in multi-million dollar slogans, branding and “name ID” ad campaigns. So let your conscience be your guide and take action now! Donate now, $250, $500, even more! The battle is on. Are you in?