I particularly like this video. It was produced when I was still a child, about four years old. I see it as something of a bridge back to that time when my parents were still young.

Do I agree with everything President Eisenhower did? No. I detest the minimum wage, and I consider the interstate highway system (that helped to end toll roads) a disaster. Instead of steadfastly fighting the socialism creeping into our system, Eisenhower implicitly accepted too much of it.

Nonetheless, during the 50’s, the American people still respected Christian values. Even though our parents neglected to instruct their children in Christianity as they should (and did not appreciate the magnitude of their failure), they still believed.

Without proper Christian instruction, children do not know what to believe. Therefore, when I came of age during the sixties, I hardly understood the concept of homosexuality. Now I think it self evident that homosexual behavior is both defective and immoral. Yet I see why those who insist that we must accept homosexuality as both right and proper succeed in persuading so many, peer pressure. If we do not think homosexual couples have the “right” to marry and adopt children, those advocates call us evil homophobes. Thus, “progress” has become making “gay rights” a major election issue.

When gun-toting Christian men and the ladies they loved founded this nation, they defined rights differently. They wanted the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Instead of forcing their beliefs upon others, they wanted the right to live as they each believe God wanted them to live. Now the self-styled “tolerant” among us insist upon instructing everyone else in what to believe, and these are the people we allow to run our schools and teach our children.

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1956 Eisenhower Campaign Ad Aimed At Women-How FAR We Have Fallen

Grace, peace, dignity, justice.  Things that do NOT exist in America, anymore.  Women that are conservative and love family, God, country, freedom must fight the feminist-fascism with every breath you take.  The women in this ad are not actors, they are saying what they believe.  Rosanne Barr, the Socialist bitch says that this was ‘brainwashing’.  OK, family, grace, dignity, and REAL justice is ‘brainwashing.’  W H A T E V E R, broad…

I crafted an example of love in the early 1950’s, below.. The romance of it, the innocence of love..You compare it to todays marriages.. NO comparison.

He Is My Candle

Looks normal, huh…?

Well, to many Americans, this is normal, now:

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  1. Freedom, by the way

    When you get right down to it, American women today are still concerned about inflation, prosperity, peace and the education of our children. The only difference is that we have now added a lot more worries to our plates.


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