It is day-old information. I suppose I needed time to think.

What did I think about? Have you considered the consequences of electing president who ran for office on a platform of “change you can believe in”? Has our president delivered change we can believe in? Why not? Is it because change we can believe does come from without? Can the president deliver real change? Can he change a man’s heart?

In what follows, Delegate Scott Lingamfelter describes a change of heart.

Life is Stranger than Fiction

–Budget Update–

Well they say that sometimes life is stranger than fiction and that appears to be the case in the Senate of Virginia who just passed the 2012-2014 budget that they refused to pass yesterday. Recall, as I reported to you 24 hours ago, Senate Democrats were insisting on borrowing $300 million to reduce tolls along the Dulles Toll Road, tolls that are being used to finance, in part, the Dulles Rail construction project. This would have been like using your credit card to pay your monthly car payment, not too smart, but that’s what they wanted to do.

It turns out that Senator Chuck Colgan (D-Prince William) had a change of heart from yesterday and decided to break from his caucus and vote for the budget today. I think it became clear to him over night that there was no way that the House would agree to use debt to pay for tolls and if that was the Senate position, the process would be drawn out over several months, further hurting all of Virginia. I don’t think he wanted any part of that.

All of this overtime stuff was totally unnecessary in the first place. It began with Senate Democrats crying about not getting the Committee assignments they wanted. As criticism ramped up in the press, they then couched their opposition in other things they wanted to see in the budget. Many of their requests actually made it into the compromise budget they refused to vote for just yesterday. But at the last minute (this past weekend), they tossed the $300 million toll buy-down with debt idea on the table, in effect trying to bid up their position even after the compromise was signed. The House stood strong after yesterday’s antics by Senate Democrats and as a result, Virginians will have a fiscally responsible and conservative budget.

Life is stranger than fiction.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Do Virginians owe Senator Chuck Colgan a debt of thanks? At least some credit is due. Without Colgan’s support, the budget impasse would not have been an issue. On the other hand, we should recognize that Colgan exercised considerable courage when he broke ranks with his party.

Politicians too often put the good of their party ahead of their communities, their states and their country. Instead of doing what is good for our People, too many politicians seek greater power. When Colgan reversed himself, he acknowledged an obligation that requires him to put the welfare of his fellow citizens first. For that he deserves our applause.

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