Happy Tax Day!! Pay Up, Suckers.

What is there to add to this?

Well, it took a bit, but I thought of two words: BIG and GOVERNMENT.

Disrupt the Narrative

Your tax dollars are required to fund the important business of government.  Stop complaining.

And don’t ask us any questions.  We are government and we make our own rules.

The only problem with government, according to Democrats, is that we just don’t have enough of it.  Hence….Obamacare.

Now get back to work.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Tax Day!! Pay Up, Suckers.

  1. Walt – When someone tries to make a debate about me, I refuse to play along. Here is why. If something is wrong, then it is wrong. Even if I feel and want to believe a certain position with respect to an issue is correct, what wrong is still wrong. I am not either the Truth or the Lie. At best, I am just one more observer, and I pray that God helps me to understand what I need to know.

    What I believe we have done with the Social Security and Medicare is force the young to participate in an involuntary transfer of wealth. By using our government to tax the young to pay for Social Security and Medicare, we have abused our own children. We have done just as our parents did to us. Thus, we have passed the sins of one generation on to the next.

    Look at the budget, because of our greed, Social Security and Medicare are wildly out of control and unsustainable, and Obama’s “improvements” have only made the situation worst. Why are we doing this? The reason is simple. Among thieves, there is no honor.


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