Free from the Stronghold of Pornography

Here is an interesting post that addresses the problem that is pornography. The video is a little on the long side, but quite good.



Free from the Stronghold of Pornography
Written by Christian writer Pola Muzyka

The media is pushing pornography on us as if it were candy. Wherever we look pornography tries to tempt us with obscene images and sexual enticement.

Sexual Intimacy is a Gift in Marriage

A blinded world, seduced by its influence, and without true understanding of God’s word, embraces flirting, obscenity, and sexual imagery without resistance. Pornography has overtaken some of God’s elect.

This demon of pornography craves a stronghold in our lives and the lives of our children. It invites lust, addiction, defiance, rebellion, and other demons as its partners.

Together these demonic enticers can reign havoc on every area–our marriage, our family, our ministry, our hope, our finances–in short, our entire future is at risk if we allow this demon in.

Make no mistake, giving in to pornography can and will destroy if it’s given a…

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