How do Democrats raise funds? They accuse their opponents of hating somebody. Want some examples? Check out these email ads from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

The Republican War On Women

Why would Democrats send such nonsense to their supporters? My guess that they know we are stupid and easily misled.

Here is what our Vice President says about it.

Oh, I think the war on women is real. And look I tell you where it’s going to intensify. The next President of the United States is going to get to name one and possibly two or more members of the Supreme Court. (from here)

To believe Biden you have to believe that appointing judges who actually think their job is to read, support, and defend the Constitution is an assault on women’s rights.

Anyway, if you think the war on women is real, please read Faux Feminists Declare War on Women.

Protecting Millionaires Instead of Medicare

For some strange reason, when the Democrat pass a huge, new health insurance program that scares the wits out of seniors — because it actually does gore Medicare funding — is protecting Medicare. On the other hand, Democrats think keeping taxes low for everyone, including millionaires we should be encouraging to invest in our economy, is an assault on Medicare.

If you believe the hate-filled nonsense Democrats peddle in the name of shared sacrifice, please read these articles.

Still believe the DCCC’s excuse for political ads, then click on the figures above. They are linked to DCCC webpages. There you can happily throw away your money supporting the generation of new and better trumped up excuses to hate your fellow man. Then when Obama wins reelection, you can go begging him to make all those rich millionaires pay for your food, clothing, and shelter. Utopias like that work real well.  NOT!