Although it is unpleasant, avarice is nevertheless an all too common trait.

n 1: reprehensible acquisitiveness; insatiable desire for wealth
(personified as one of the deadly sins) [syn: greed, covetousness,
rapacity, avaritia]
2: extreme greed for material wealth [syn: avariciousness, covetousness,

Trillions of dollars in taxes flow through the hands of our government officials, and each of these dollars eventually finds it way to someone’s outstretched, grasping hand. Because we each want a share of these dollars, we have lobbies of every size and description, and each of these lobbies entreats with government officials. Sometimes they even design a new scheme to siphon off a stream of money.

What is one of the latest schemes? We call it the Public-Private Partnership Act of 1995.

Dear Friends,

I recently wrote an op-ed published at The Virginia Pilot on the numerous issues facing the tolling situation in Hampton Roads.

Here is an excerpt:

The Trouble with Tolling the Downtown
By Del. Bob Marshall
As the successful plaintiff blocking the imposition of 14 taxes by appointed bodies in Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia in 2008, I want to share some observations about several Hampton Roads projects now being considered by the commonwealth.

Virginia is relying on the Public-Private Partnership Act of 1995 for authorization of the projects. However, some of the PPTA wording may prove problematic.

Please read slowly: “No tolls or user fees may be imposed by the operator on any existing interstate highway.”

Second, for purely Virginia or locally controlled roads and highways, “no tolls or user fees may be imposed by the operator on any free road, bridge, tunnel or overpass unless such road, bridge, tunnel or overpass is reconstructed to provide for increased capacity.”

Please read the rest of the article here for it’s implications and potential issues.

Thank you for your time.