I thought about writing a post supporting President Barack Obama second term as president. I could say:

  • The economy is turning around. In spite of the fact President George W. Bush left a bigger mess than anyone knew, the economy is finally turning around.
  • Our educational system is improving. Under Obama, the teachers have taken their educational mission to heart, and they are inspiring a new generation of scholars to love learning.
  • Our defense posture has never been stronger. All our former enemies are extending us hands of friendship.
  • The environment has never been cleaner. Even hungry, starving, and ravenous big white, man-eating polar bears are doubling and tripling in their numbers. The only sad bit of news is the sudden reduction in the numbers of Eskimos.

Then I realized that such a post would not be funny.

  • All the people who are out of work would not see the humor.
  • All the parents who have the heartbreaking choice between sending their children to a public school, a private school, or homeschooling would not see the humor.
  • Military personnel stationed in far off war torn lands, stuck with Obama as their Commander-In-Chief, would not see the humor.
  • Employees and stockholders in coal companies, seeing that the government is in the process of destroying their industry, would not see the humor. And the Eskimos probably would not like it either.

So I had a puzzle. I like jokes, but to tell one I have to offend somebody. So what do I do for April Fools Day?  The answer? Well, I guess I will have to swear off ever telling or posting any more jokes. Nope. No more jokes. Never again. Even if I choose to laugh at the escapades of the Fates, I have no right to cause anyone else to feel  bad.

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5 thoughts on “NOT EVEN FUNNY AS A JOKE

  1. It is so sad about Freedom. I’ve been to church services much like the one about which Bob posted. Instead of Foolin’ Day because we’ve been fooled enough already, I propose we rename it “We Laugh So We’ll No Longer Cry Day.”


  2. LOL Citizen Tom, no jokes, how can we possibly accept that? You are truly right about the potential post on supporting Obama, not even funny in the least! God bless!


  3. Freedom, by the way

    Sometimes we have to laugh during adversity, Tom. But I know where you are coming from. When you are in a bad place (not you, but the readers you speak of) a sense of humor is hard to dig up.


  4. I thought that you had gone off the deep end there for a minute. Obama in my opinion committed TREASON when he threatened to withhold active duty military pay over a potential government shutdown.

    John Wilder


  5. Simone, loopyloo, Freedom, marriagecoach, and Dugutigui – I am glad you all enjoyed this post.

    When I was still a still a teenager, I read Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein. Although Heinlein wrote excellent science fiction, this was one of his stranger books. Nonetheless, there was one idea in it that made it worth reading. Heinlein observed that there is always someone who suffers as the butt of the joke.

    Simone’s observation that we should rename April Fools Day to “We Laugh So We’ll No Longer Cry Day” is actually not a bad idea. In my latter years, I have used Heinlein’s observation to reach this conclusion. When we laugh with the butt of the joke, we help them by sharing their pain. However, when we laugh at the butt of the joke, we deepen their pain with ridicule.

    Generally, we gain far more pleasure by laughing with someone.


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