Pastor Paul Washer on false prophets

Not really familiar with Pastor Paul Washer. I just agree with this audio clip. God is love, but love is not God.

Jesus commanded us to love each other, but he did not command us to tolerate evil. Neither did Jesus tolerate evil. Yet many read the Bible selectively. They find in it only what makes them feel good, forgetting that no task is complete, not even loving someone, unless we do what is needed, both the pleasant and the unpleasant parts.

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6 thoughts on “Pastor Paul Washer on false prophets

  1. Michael Vincent

    Apostlistic Minister like Paul Washer are true . The Holy Word and Perfect Will of God is not comforting. Jesus is not enticing, Satan is. Christ comes with sorrow and blood spilling from His Holy body. His truth in our unholy flesh is difficult. Our flesh seeks comfort not the Truth of God! It is like this; a man boasts he is a great hunter and master woodsman. Secretly though he is neither. So in his Pridefull walk he goes afield . He gets seriously lost, he is unprepared. Days in despair put him on the brink of Death and more so judgement. At his last breath a man comes along. The man is not comely, he has no uniform, no radio , to this proud boastfully man he does not seem the hero. The stranger tells the man I can get you to safety, but I have no radio, these woods do not afford a vantage for signaling for air rescue- you must walk out 2-3 days with me! The lost mans heart sinks, his hopes of a simple movie like rescue is lost. He has no choice so he follows the stranger . The journey is harder than the week he just endured . Yet step by step , in grueling pain he begins to learn from the stranger, he hears stories of others who have been lost only to die alone. He begins to have hope! He begins to admire his uncomley rescuer . And along the way realizes this man is truly a Hero, quiet , sincere, humble and wise , he finds out that the man is a retired Forest Ranger who lost his wife who was lost and could not be rescued in time. His life of pride and boastfulness is gone, he emerges that wilderness a new Spiritual creation, a man of God and he learns a vital truth and that is to adhere to Gods Holy wisdom and truth without fail, without pride, without sin, to approach God with the Heart of Jesus and expect this circumsicion, this walk to be hard, lonely and unbearable at times, but hold fast to your rescuer for the Glory unto God,unto Jesus thru the Holy Spirit will be yours in the sight of all of Heavan!!!! That’s Christianity – not do good , feel good, your good- NO that is not the Work of Salvation of this unholy flesh .
    I love Paul Washer cause the Truth owns his fleeting breath and that more than OK!
    Alleyujia Praise to Jehovah !!!!!!


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