Here Delegate Scott Lingamfelter begins with a birthday announcement and an old Chinese curse.

Interesting Times: Birthday Edition

I turn 61 today. This reminds me of an old saying. “May you live in interesting times”. So goes a proverb attributed to the Chinese. Regardless of its origin, no one can dispute we are indeed witnessing interesting times. Unfortunately, these are times when both our freedom and security are at risk. Two examples, one being played out before your eyes, the other behind your back.

First, today the Supreme Court is hearing the ObamaCare case. At the center of this case is how far can the government go to compel you to buy a product in the marketplace. Specifically, unlike auto insurance that you must purchase as a privilege to drive on public roads, Obama wants to make you buy health insurance as a privilege for breathing in public or private. And if the government can compel you to do this, it can compel you to buy a lot of other stuff that’s “good for you”. If the Supreme Court agrees that the government has this power, maybe some future government that falls on hard times and can’t afford to pay the local sheriff will be able to compel you to buy a weapon to protect yourself and the public. Bet the liberals won’t find that very appealing. Even the most ardent Second Amendment supporter would find that a bit much.

The point is this. If they can make you buy something simply because you are alive, there is no limit to what the government can make you do for your “own good”.

Second, President Obama was caught by a hot mic on March 26th in Seoul, South Korea, telling outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that Vladimir Putin should give him more “space” and that “after my election I have more flexibility.” He was talking about US missile defenses and how he plans to further curtain our capability to satisfy the Russians who have been scared stiff with advanced US technology to defend against missile attacks. This was a rare moment of insight, a “teaching point” as Professor Obama is fond of saying. What we learned from the President’s slip of the tongue, was that once people are hoodwinked into voting for him again, he will further jeopardize our national security by fashioning the US into a second rate power incapable of exerting its military force to, of all things, protect our vital national interests.

So there you have it. Whether being played out in public or behind your back (save a hot mic), President Obama threatens our freedom through his nanny state policies and our security through his “blame America first” manipulations with our adversaries. Our Founders would be horrified at the notion. I am too, even as I grow a year older, having witnessed many things in my lifetime.

Here’s to living during interesting times. May you do something about it on Election Day.

Sic Semper Tyrannis



    1. We are suppose to pray for our leaders, and so long as he is in office, I will pray Obama somehow does the right thing. Nonetheless, as corrupt as he is, I see nothing wrong with praying that Obama loses the election, and we get someone better.


  1. Harry – One way to take the measure of a man is in the quality of his enemies. Therefore, I have a question for you. Are you making Del. Lingamfelter look good or bad?


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