The Fall of the America I love

At first this looks like just another blog post that condemns Barack Obama. It is not. The author puts the blame squarely where it belongs, on each of us.

This is a heavy truth. I condemn no one. It is our own actions, attitudes, and behaviors that condemn us and each of us is guilty. Decades of compromise have ruined us, and put us in a position to be raped by our own President. The scope of the deception is far too big to be the result of one man or even one small group of men, but our own personal compromise each of us – has allowed this tyranny to arise.

When we prostitute our morals, we submit voluntarily to the rape of our soul. If we want to live in society where everyone behaves honorably, then we must each look first to our own behavior.

Can you can see the creeping decadence? Don’t you know the source? Is it not the lost of the faith we once shared in the Christian God?

If we want to save our country, then we must begin with the salvation of our own soul. We must open our Bible, read God’s holy Word, pray, repent, and beg for His forgiveness. Only then we will be fit to pray for another.


Old Glory, she is called by some, and she has witnessed a tremendous experiment in self-governance. The heroes of America’s founding stood courageously against the tyranny of King George of England with the help of France. These Founding Fathers paid dearly for their stand, but most of them witnessed the birth of America – “land of the Free, and the home of the brave.”

But men being what they are – what we are – became corrupt along the way, as we always do, by the power associated with leadership. This is true from the lowest levels too the highest levels. Give a man or woman a title, and watch them change! It is the ugly side of human nature.

Over the decades now, the power of leading this great nation – most affluent, most productive, most compassionate in helping others, most competitive – has corrupted various members of our…

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