UPDATE: Since I find debating Liberals enlightening, I am playing “hooky” by commenting at Fox Poll Shows Obama Winning Over Romney and Tea Party Loathed.

I just got a link from The Fifth Column, Fox Poll Shows Obama Winning Over Romney and Tea Party Loathed. Supposedly, this blog’s author “writes about the insanity going on in The United States over Barack Obama’s presidency” (from here). I suppose the lady who writes the blog thinks I am an example of that insanity. Nonetheless, it seems to me that what I am guilty of is protesting a government that does things it has no legal or moral right to do.

Conservatives generally spend little effort finding crude names for their political opponents. We just point out why what Liberals do and want to do is wrong. What we do that is most disagreeable is we put that wrong in stark contrast with what they are suppose to be doing.

On the other hand, here is how the self-styled sane people speak about their opponents.

What a difference two years make for the Tea Baggers…

Don’t know what a self-styled sane person means by “tea bagger”? Check out the definition. Take the time to note that the staff at the Urban Dictionary have expanded upon the definition. They have kindly taken particular care to make certain that participants in the Tea Party movement know exactly what Liberals think of us.

Also check out this picture at the same post.

I have been to quite a few Tea Party rallies. I don’t remember seeing a rebel flag at any of those rallies.  However, the well-informed lady at The Fifth Column got her picture from PoliticusUSA, not a Tea Party rally.

So why this post? Before the self-styled sane people complain about the behavior of others, they have an obligation to examine their own behavior first. If they believe government exists provide charity, then they see nothing wrong in enslaving others. That is, they think supposedly noble aspirations justify whatever means are necessary, but they are dead wrong. Because both are immoral, neither Communism nor Socialism has ever been made to work. “Redistributing the wealth” is just a fancy way of saying the majority has the right to use the government to steal from the minority. Thus, what this self-styled sane person who writes The Fifth Column wants to do is to try once again a system of government that has never been made to work.

Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results. (from here)



  1. It can be fun, trying to have a conversation with someone “from the other side,” when the person seems to disbelieve that you, a nonracist Tea Partier, actually exist.

    I popped over and was glad to see a level of civility. Even a little backtracking re the “bag” term (I thought twice about it, etc), but then some erroneous excuse about Tea Partiers being the originators of the term . . . wow that’s news to me.

    I especially liked the “I’m just challenging your assumptions” bit, because, snort. What the heck does she think you are doing to her???

    cheers my friend


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