$1 Million Lottery Winner Still on Food Stamps.

Here is an example of why character education is so important.
Consider that our government runs a secular school system. At best government school teachers properly instruct their students in reading, writing and arithmetic. At best their students go on to acquire further knowledge and skills. And why? Because they have been taught to desire money and status.
Without the Bible teaching our forebears received, we lack knowledge of God. We fail to see we only have significance because God loves us. So we do not understand the need to return His love or to obey His commands. Thus, we lack the integrity He expects of us.


6 thoughts on “$1 Million Lottery Winner Still on Food Stamps.

      1. Freedom, by the way

        I don’t know why I am still surprised when I see stories like this. At this point, I guess I should stop assuming that most people do the right thing. Thanks for the re-blog.


  1. The Bible tells that without fear of God we are evil. To become good, we must love God, but too few do. Does any of us love God as Mark 12:33 suggests we must, with all our heart and with all our mind and with all our strength? Doubt it. Thus, we must expect to see evil deeds from humankind and each repent for our own sins. Thus, we must beg God to forgive us.


  2. Miss Ray

    the BIBLE is not what is the issue here, it is full of lies too, what you fail to get is SHE IS CHRISTIAN and that’s how THEY act! THEY ARE THE GREEDIEST OF ALL HUMANS! making $200,000 a year as a preacher then not having any bills, well THAT TOO GETS FOOD STAMPS (that is what a Baptist Preacher is paid on top of all his bills, his house and car all PAID IN FULL..but if the A/C breaks in the church, HE doesn’t CHIP IN A DIME! YOUR GREED IS IN CHURCH GOERS!


    1. Miss Ray — That is an awful lot of capital letters there. It makes you seem a bit hysterical.

      You say the Bible is not issue? Then you proceed to attack the suppose greed of Christians, but what you are saying does not make any sense. How could a preacher make so much money if the church goers are greedy? Even if the church goers are stupid, it stands to reason they still have to be generous.

      Anyway, I don’t deny there are greedy people who call themselves Christian. Nonetheless, since Christian churches and nonprofits depend upon the charity of contributors, there must be some charity in the hearts of at least some of the people who call themselves Christian.


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