Here is an update from Delegate Scott Lingamfelter on the budget impasse (previous report here).

House Rises to Meet Their Responsibilities to Virginia

–Passes a Second Budget Bill to Send to the Senate–

Here is a quick update from Richmond. Senate Democrats are stonewalling Virginia’s Budget because they are angry that they didn’t get the committee assignments they wanted in the Senate when the Republicans took charge in that body. But I want to assure you that the House is going to meet this challenge forcefully. Today, we passed a second budget that we will send to the Senate Democrats and make them do their job: attend to the people, not the politics.

I am fighting mad about this. It is dead wrong to block our efforts to fund the core functions of government. And I will stay here with my colleagues in the House as long as it takes to get this done.

The House of Delegates is the “People’s House” and we will demand that we fund our fire, police, schools, colleges, transportation, health safety net, and many other areas citizens expect us to do.

Join us by calling your Senator and tell him or her, “Enough stonewalling by Democrat Senators. Do your job and pass a budget”!

In the News

“Virginia Senate Democrats kill another budget plan” from the Washington Post-

  • “In a bid for more committee power and more state spending, Senate Democrats killed the only remaining state budget plan Wednesday, a move likely to heighten partisan rancor in the General Assembly and force a special session.”

“Virginia law enforcement urges passage of state budget, citing safety risk” from the Washington Post-

  • “A state shutdown because we do not have a budget will not allow public safety in Virginia regardless of the color of uniform to provide for the protection and security of the people we have sworn to serve,” writes Galax Chief R.C. Clark, Jr., who serves as president of the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police

“Virginia Democrats should avoid tit-for-tat overreach” from the Washington Post Editorial Board-

  • “The few, flimsy objections Democrats have raised about the budget are a smokescreen. Their real issue is power-sharing: Democrats want it; Republicans won’t give it.”